25-year-old mom with 'ever-growing' breasts fears she could suffocate her baby

25-year-old mom with 'ever-growing' breasts fears she could suffocate her baby

Having boobs of a certain size can actually be a nightmare; leading to severe shoulder, back and neck pain, and often causing rashes and skin infections as fat folds in on itself. Not only that, but overly-large breasts can restrict mobility and make exercise more difficult.

According to the most recent statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 71,400 breast reduction procedures were performed on women in the US in 2017 alone. One person who knows this all too well is 25-year-old mum Fiona Hornby.

The mother's large chest has left her feeling like her back is going to break in two:

Fiona, who is from Bolton in England, has been left in immense pain after her bust grew to a gigantic size 48J. In a recent interview, she opened up about how she struggles to find clothes to wear and suffers from crippling back pain. She's even worried that her boobs could end up suffocating her son while she breastfeeds him.

Fiona stated: "My huge breasts have ruined my life. They have affected everything. My self-esteem has hit rock bottom, I can't find any clothes that fit and can't wear the same things as people my age. I have terrible back pains caused by the weight of my breasts. I can't [vaccuum] or sleep properly.

"If I do washing up I have to take a break halfway through because the pain is terrible ... I find it difficult to go out in public because people think I've got big boobs because I look fat. Some people have even asked if I have had a boob job as they're that large."

Fiona Hornby says she started developing long before her friends did. Credit: Caters / Screenshot

Fiona, who was diagnosed with a condition known as macromastia in 2015, which causes abnormal enlargement of the breast tissue, continued: "From the age of 10 til just past college everything I wore put my boobs on show. When I was still in primary school I was a C cup. I'd be called a 'sl*g' because it always looked like I was trying to show them off. But I wasn't. I just wanted to wear the same things as other girls. The pain sometimes can be horrendous."

Fiona Hornby showcases her large bras. Credit: Caters / Screenshot

"People say, 'I wish could swap with you'. But I say, 'You don't.' They're ruining my life. I once went to get a bra fitted and I went to the changing room and the lady in the fitting room turned to me and said, 'We don't do your size'. It was very, very upsetting. I want people to understand how hard it's been, I've put weight on because I can't move properly because my boobs are so large. It's a vicious circle."

Fiona has now started a GoFundMe to raise money for her breast reduction surgery. If you'd like to help her out, why not consider donating to it? It could make a big difference.