5 Things you can do to put more lead in your pencil

5 Things you can do to put more lead in your pencil

Picture the scene.

After a night of drinking, flirting and romance, you head to a dark flat and bedroom to seal the deal, but as you unbuckle your jeans and reach for a condom, you realise that the memo's not quite been sent downstairs. Erectile dysfunction is part and parcel of having a penis, and performance issues can happen to any man at any time.

But fear not: if your little soldier's not quite standing to attention, there's a few things you can do to help him become bold enough to storm the trenches once more. The guys down at Numan have a vested interest in making sure you can do your thing in the bedroom, so take note of their sound advice.

1. Relax

Yeah, it's meant to be fun and all, but for some guys (this writer included), preparing to do the no-pants dance with somebody new is enough to make your little ballerina suffer from an acute bout of stage fright. As Numan helpfully explain, erections live and die by the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS).

The PSNS helps blood to flow down there, while the SNS stops your erection dead in its tracks. Your SNS controls your fight-or-flight response, and is activated when you're feeling anxious about the activity you're about to undertake. Worrying about erectile dysfunction can make you more likely to suffer from it, so the best thing you can do is relax. Take a deep breath, practice mindfulness, or talk about it.

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2. Don't try too hard

Despite its many euphemisms, your penis is not a bone or muscle; instead, think of your body as a submarine, and your penis as a trim tank that has to be filled in order for you to go down where it's dark and wet. According to the ED experts themselves, Numan say you can't train yourself to become aroused on command, or pitch a tent using nothing but sheer will.

Instead, try to focus on the things that turn you on; whether that be a gentle touch, a pleasurable sound or something else you can look at to get you in the mood. Once that happens, your PSNS will kick in, and the express train to Pleasure Town will leave the station soon enough.

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3. Tweak your diet, get more active

A big factor in getting an erection is good blood flow; without adequate circulation, the guys at Numan reveal that getting and maintaining an erection might prove to be a very difficult challenge. If you're still struggling once you're in the right place mentally, then a slight change in lifestyle might be in order. Engaging in cardiovascular activities such as running, swimming or cycling will help your body move blood around your system more easily, while eating more fruit and vegetables and less sugar, salt, dairy and red meat will help your body keep your blood vessels in tip top shape.

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4. Ease up on the alcohol

Remember what I said one paragraph ago about blood flow being essential to a good healthy portfolio of erections? Alcohol might be a good way to calm the nerves, start the flow of conversation and help you build the courage to make the move, but your wines, beers and spirits also compromise your ability to get sexually aroused, making it way more difficult for you to have fun times in the bedroom. Numan tells us that alcohol makes it harder (pun unintended) for blood to flow to your nether regions, so if you're thinking about getting it on, then maybe keep yourself to a two-drink minimum if you can.

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5. And in the meantime, there's also treatment that can help you out

Reliable trains, reliable friends, reliable erections; reliability is a wonderful thing. And it’s nice to know that for the times when you really need to perform well, you can. Numan offer much more than reliable advice, my friends: they've also got reliable medication for when you really need a helping hand. That way, you can live happy in the knowledge that getting hard doesn’t have to be hard at all.

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Well there you have it, guys! Erectile dysfunction, as we all know, is absolutely no fun. But although it feels like the end of the world in the moment, there are some things you can do. With the right lifestyle, frame of mind and just a little assistance from Numan, you'll be having a great time in the bedroom once again.