Adult toy company gives staff four days holiday to pleasure themselves

Adult toy company gives staff four days holiday to pleasure themselves

UK based sex toy company, LELO, has started offering their employees "self-love days" on top of the staff's usual annual leave.

The initiative, which was launched back in November, encourages employees to spend the extra four days ensuring they are sexually satisfied, with the reasoning being that there are many physical and mental benefits to masturbation.

Per Cosmopolitan, LELO believe that these "self-love days" will result in staff being happier, less stressed, and more productive to boot. As the company details, the staff purportedly come back with a "spring in their step".

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There certainly are benefits to masturbation. According to ScienceDaily, having orgasms releases endorphins, as well as the hormone oxytocin, which promotes feelings of well-being, love and bonding.

While it's unclear how the four days will be distributed, or monitored, it's clear that this is the step in the right direction to ensure that employees are fulfilled outside of work.

Rachael Nsofor - a spokesperson for LELO UK - spoke to The Sun about the introduction of the scheme:

"Being sexually fulfilled and satisfied is something that we at LELO UK feel is a basic human right and it’s completely free!" she asserted.

"We’re delighted to introduce a new initiative where we are offering our UK employees the opportunity to take up to four days a year as a ‘self-love day’.

We hope our UK staff use them and what makes them tick with the hope that they’ll come to work the next day with a spring in their step and be as productive as possible."