Aldi is launching a vegan range including ready meals for just £2

Aldi is launching a vegan range including ready meals for just £2

The number of people turning to veganism has absolutely soared in the last few years. As a society, we are starting to become more aware of the fact that the well-documented horrors of factory farming don't just centre around raising animals for meat. Indeed, the process behind obtaining eggs and dairy products is, for an increasing number of people, hard to stomach.

As such, there is a big market for vegan food these days. And Aldi is doing their best to cater to those of their customers who choose to live on a plant-based diet. In fact, the bargain supermarket chain is now selling a new vegan range of very affordable ready meals as part of its 'I am vegan' collection.

Take a look at this fascinating Aldi employee training video:

For just £1.99 for a 400g pack, you can get yourself a red pepper and mango curry, Thai yellow curry and smoky jackfruit chilli.

The red pepper and mango curry is made with brown rice, red pepper, mango, black turtle beans and sugar snap peas in a coconut curry sauce infused with ginger, garlic and coriander.

The Thai yellow curry comes with brown and black rice, aubergine, red peppers, lentils and spring onions in a Thai-inspired coconut curry sauce.

Credit: Aldi

And last but not least, the smoky jackfruit chilli consists of red peppers and red onion in a smoky chipotle sauce with brown rice.

The new vegan range launched on September 8, is currently available to buy in-store and will be available to purchase all year round.

And if that's not quite enough to satisfy your hunger for vegan food. There are also some vegan Special Buys available this week too, but unfortunately, these are only available while stocks last. This includes their cans of jackfruit for £1.19 (400g), which is known for being a good meat substitute.