Aldi is selling a cheese advent calendar

Aldi is selling a cheese advent calendar

If you're a fan of all things cheese - and assuming you're also a fan of Christmas - you'll be pleased to know that Aldi’s cheese advent calendar is coming back to the US for 2019.

And that's no huge surprise considering just how popular the item was when it was launched last year. The calendar will be hitting supermarket shelves on November 6 and is selling for just $14.99.

That makes it a couple of dollars more expensive than the 2018 version, officially titled the Happy Farms Preferred, but again, if you're a lover of cheese it's probably worth the buy.

Credit: Aldi

Every day until Christmas, you can treat yourself to a small yet satisfying piece of cheese from the ''Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar'' - sounds tempting right? With 24 "festive imported mini cheeses" to chow down on for over three weeks, you'll be in absolute heaven.

It is not yet known which kinds of cheese will be included in the calendar, however, we have been given a couple of hints. Written on the box are the following phrases: "savory and mild Edam cheese," "nutty and delicious Gouda cheese," "sweet, nutty, and rich Red Leicester cheese," and both "sweet and strong" and "smooth and creamy" cheddar. So we're guessing the calendar will be including the aforementioned types of cheese.

So, you've heard of cheese advent calendars, well, there are also wine advent calendars. Yep, wine advent calendars are an actual thing. In fact, you might even recall that last year, Aldi's very own wine advent calendar sold out within minutes.

The calendar contained 24 mini bottles of wine - the equivalent of six full-size bottles - and large crowds of customers arrived at their local Aldi to get their hands on one. Unfortunately, as stores had very limited stock, many Aldi buyers were unable to purchase a calendar.