Amazon is selling a 'grow your own avocado tree' kit for just $24

Amazon is selling a 'grow your own avocado tree' kit for just $24

If there's one food which has been popularised more than any other in recent years, it's the humble avocado.

This is, no doubt, in part the result of millennials, who've become famed for their penchant for avocado on toast. Memes aside, this had led to a lot more avocado-based dishes becoming the norm.

An avocado plant growing from the AvoSeedo. Credit: AvoSeedo

However, as any foodie will tell you, avocados aren't cheap - and getting one which is just ripe can feel like mission impossible.

But that doesn't necessarily have to be the case for long as Amazon is selling a "grow your own avocados" kit for just $24.

A plant growing from the AvoSeedo. Credit: AvoSeedo

In addition to making sure your avocados are just ripe, growing your own good, in general, is a great way of doing your bit for the planet and massively reduces carbon emissions.

Amazon's product, dubbed the AvoSeedo, enables you to turn the seed of a regular avocado into your own little fruitful tree thanks to this plastic contraption.

The AvoSeedo in action. Credit: AvoSeedo

However, you'll have to be patient to get the results you're looking for. Although it can be a slow process, 90% of avocado seeds will start to grow in the right environment.

A mom and daughter using an AvoSeedo. Credit: AvoSeedo

Now, some of you might be thinking, "Well, there is the "toothpick method" for growing avocados" - and yes, while this does work and is praised by some, according to one Amazon reviewer, the AvoSeedo is an investment worth making because it's more effective:

"Both methods work - and we’ve done both - but this one is a more colorful, charming, and effective," the review reads. "As the water evaporates between changing, the AvoSeedo simply floats down to that level; toothpicks stay stationary on the container's rim."

On that note; Millennials, assemble!