Blogger reveals her cystic acne in a series of brave bare-faced Instagram selfies

Blogger reveals her cystic acne in a series of brave bare-faced Instagram selfies

A blogger who would cake her face in layers of make-up every day has embraced body positivity by sharing a series of selfies on Instagram in which she displays her cystic acne to her many followers.

Office worker Kara Eden, who hails from the city of Manchester in the north of England, first began to develop dermatological issues back in 2015 when she stopped taking the contraceptive pill.

At first, she assumed it was just a transient side-effect, and that the spots would heal on their own. But unfortunately for her, she soon realised that she had developed cystic acne: a skin problem which causes large pus-filled pimples.

Kara was incredibly self-conscious about her spots and would wear a large amount of makeup in a bid to disguise them. At first, she tried to treat her acne with topical medication, but the pills had no effect.

Now, after adding supplements and vitamins to her daily regime, and only using natural, organic products, she's ditched medication for good. In 2018, Kara decided to opt for a makeup-free approach in brave series of Instagram posts. She ditched her heavy foundation and courageously shared her au naturale photos online.

Commenting on her skin issues in a recent interview, Kara stated: "It was a real knock, confidence-wise. I wouldn’t even leave the house without make-up on. I’d cake it on even if I was just popping to the shop. I’d even wear it in the gym, which, looking back, I know is ridiculous. Thankfully, nobody ever said anything nasty, but I would get stared at, and I could tell what people were thinking."

She added: "It is scary to put myself out there, hitting that send button is a big thing. I used to edit all my photos, but then I stopped and thought, ‘No, you’re putting this out there for a reason – to show your real skin. On Instagram especially, everything is so flawless and filtered that I knew there was a gap that needed to be filled for people to embrace their insecurities.

"The more I shared, the more messages I got, mainly from others in the acne community wanting to know if something I was trying had worked. Now, I have a really loyal following – we’re more like a group of friends ... The only way to build confidence is be true to yourself.

"If you carry on hiding away or editing a part of yourself, you’ll never accept it. I upload my photos for all those people who don’t have the confidence or feel they can’t among all those flawless Instagram pictures. I still have peaks and troughs with my skin, but I have learnt not to compare myself to other people."

While Kara admits that sometimes she still feels nervous about uploading bare-faced selfies, she does believe that banning herself from editing her pictures and airbrushing her perceived imperfections has helped her learn to accept them.

If you'd like to see some more of Kara's pics, check out her Instagram here.