Bodybuilder's 'mommy makeover' goes horribly wrong when breast implant explodes

Bodybuilder's 'mommy makeover' goes horribly wrong when breast implant explodes

A female bodybuilder has opened up about a horrific experience she had with plastic surgery after one of her silicone breast implants exploded and left her in tremendous pain.

While undergoing her "mommy makeover", Cindy Leach, who hails from Houston in Texas, underwent an operation in 2016 to replace her older saline implants breast implants with new silicone-textured ones.

However, two years after going under the knife, Cindy's health started to decline and she was left in agony from head to toe.

In the interview below, Cindy talks candidly about her painful ordeal:

Commenting on her ordeal in a recent interview with KHOU, Leach stated: "After all the kids, us women, want to fix things. I felt fully confident and safe about using silicone. Eventually, every muscle in my body hurt from my head to my toe."

After suffering weeks of crippling headaches, asthma, and bronchitis, she decided to get a mammogram when concerned friends and family believed her implants could be to blame. Plastic surgeon Dr Charles Polsen later told Leach that the results of the scan were not good.

Cindy's right implant had burst completely and was leaking into her body. The mom-of-four was then forced to undergo further surgery to repair the damage to her chest, with surgeons even being forced to clean the ruptured implant from her ribs.

The bodybuilder has revealed that the experience has made her suspicious of plastic surgery, telling KHOU: "With the severity mine was, there’s no way I would put a product like that back in me. Every day is a new emotional and mental challenge. Maybe my story can help another woman. I wouldn’t wish this on any woman."

However, Leach isn't the only person to have suffered a breast implant-related injury.

In fact, online celebrity Mia Khalifa has recently shared footage of the cosmetic surgery (above) she was forced to undertake after a hockey puck smacked her in the chest at full-force and ended up deflating one of her breast implants on camera.