Company are selling a mini Jacuzzi just for your testicles

Company are selling a mini Jacuzzi just for your testicles

Have you ever come home from a tough day at work or perhaps a hard workout at the gym and wanted nothing more than to sink your entire body into a hot bubbling Jacuzzi? I'd love nothing more than to jump into a hot tub after the multiple stresses of the day have taken their toll on my body. But alas, I cannot afford a hot tub, nor do I have anywhere to put one. But, thanks to this product, I can ensure one part of my body gets the relaxation it deserves.

Introducing the Testicuzzi - a mini hot tub designed specifically for your testicles. And if you think we're joking, we're not - this is a serious product that you can actually order now. In fact, the Testicuzzi website even explains: "This is not a gag gift, it is an actual product, but if you want to buy it for a friend we'll let you call it a gag gift for men."

Credit: Testicuzzi

The official Testicuzzi website explains how this product was first devised through a funny conversation between a group of friends. I mean, we've all been there - but these guys actually did it:

"What started out as a funny conversation between friends a year ago, quickly turned into a conversation of 'We Should Totally Do This!' The Testicuzzi was conceived in a conversation about Dating, Drinking and Random Trends."

Credit: Testicuzzi

The group of friends then started drawing up plans and designs, and eventually created a 3D-printed prototype, and after what I'm sure was stringent testing, the group had created the product everybody with a set of cojones needs.

The Testicuzzi boasts the following features:

  • Ergonomically Cast For Comfort
  • Ultra-soft Silicone Headrest
  • Sealed Water Tight
  • Emits Relaxing Air Bubbles
  • Battery Powered for Convenience and Mobility

The product may seem like a joke, but the nifty device is actually quite practical. Anybody with balls out there will know the struggles of trying to continue the day after having cycled 15 miles back from work. Or perhaps you've been wrestling with your kids and your five-year-old thought it would be funny to deliver a low blow to your nads.

In fact, I bet this guy would have LOVED the Testicuzzi after his run-in with a horse:

Basically, if your crown jewels have been put under any stress or trauma, then they deserve the same treatment as the rest of your body!

Credit: Testicuzzi

Available in White or Black, the item's official description reads:

"The Testicuzzi is the perfect gift for the man that genuinely cares about his testicles hap-penis. One dunk of the boys into this fine testicle jacuzzi is sure to tickle your fancy and sooth your manliness.

"The Testicuzzi features an ultra-soft pre-cast silicone pillow to rest your largest member on, a deep reservoir to dunk the tea bag into, battery-powered bubbles and hours of pleasure."

And if you're after a little more luxury, the company is also taking pre-orders on a limited edition 14K gold plated version for a stone-shriveling $10,000, of which only 50 will be made.

Credit: Testicuzzi

Again, this is a functional product that I'm sure Tweedledee & Tweedledum will be very grateful for - and if you preorder yours now, the company is currently estimating a delivery date of December 10, so it's perfect for Christmas.