Divorcee reveals how she reinvented herself from "timid" stay-at-home mum to bodybuilding champ

Divorcee reveals how she reinvented herself from "timid" stay-at-home mum to bodybuilding champ

A divorced mother has opened up about how she managed to become an amazing female bodybuilding champion.

Natasha Noble was once a self-described "timid" housewife - but after turning to exercise and fitness to help her cope with a painful breakup, she's now so ripped, her waist has shrunk from 30 inches to 25. Meanwhile, her muscular thighs are now 23 inches thick, meaning that she cannot find any other jeans that fit her.

Natasha began gaining muscle by visiting the gym for anywhere between two and four hours each day, and chowing down on protein-packed meals every two hours.

The results came quickly, and Natasha now works as a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer, touring the country competing in bodybuilding contests. She has even spoken out about wanting other women to follow her example.

Commenting on her transformation in a recent interview, Natasha stated:

"Flicking through Instagram in 2012 when I was eight months pregnant with my youngest child, I saw these pictures of female bodybuilders and was in awe of them.

"I was so determined to change that I went to the gym just two weeks after giving birth and used the treadmill, despite being warned by the midwife against doing any strenuous activity for the first six weeks. Now I want to encourage other women who have lost their confidence to do the same, as it was the start of a whole new me.

"I was a stay-at-home mum for 10 years and I loved bringing up my kids, but I was married at 20 and soon started to feel like I was losing sight of who I was. I met my daughters’ dad when we were both working in a nightclub, but I soon left to have children and stopped having real goals in life.

"I felt that once I had kids, that was basically it for me and my life and all of a sudden everything I did was for my kids and my husband. I lost myself really and then, sadly, our marriage ended after running its course."

She added:

"I realised that I didn’t have to be timid any more and I could start investing in myself and striving towards personal greatness. I’d seen how beautiful and powerful female bodybuilders were and had one thought, ‘This is what I want to be' ...

"I just fell in love with the sheer power of those women and the beauty of their muscles. From that moment on, all I could think about was how I was going to become like them one day."

In 2015, Natasha won the gold medal in two female bodybuilding competitions in the United Kingdom: Body Fitness Federation Grand Prix in London, and the Sugar’s Classic in Leicester.

She doesn't feel any need for a relationship right now, and is looking forward to many years of active life alongside her kids. I guess it just shows that bodybuilding isn't just a man's sport, but a very real way of empowering women to stay fit and healthy.