Doctors remove 40lb tumor the size of a beach ball from woman's ovary

Doctors remove 40lb tumor the size of a beach ball from woman's ovary

A video has gone viral on social media this week, which shows surgeons in India removing a gigantic tumor from a woman's abdomen.

Kavita Kalam was sent to hospital with severe stomach pain, doctors discovered she was suffering from the debilitating effects of an ovarian tumor that was a shocking 41.7 inches (106cm) in circumference, growing inside her. Surgeons at the Acharya Vinoba Bhave Hospital in Wardha rushed to save her life, removing the benign serous cystadenoma from her belly.

Check out the astonishing video of the operation below:

Commenting on the extraordinary medical case, per British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail, Dr. Arpita Jaiswal Singam stated that the cyst in question was easily the biggest of its kind they had ever encountered in their whole career.

Meanwhile, gynecologist Dr. Abhishek Kothule claimed that Kalam was unable to accept general anesthesia as a result of her condition and that anesthetists were forced to inject morphine directly into her spine.

They added that removing the growth was made more difficult due to the sudden decompression of the tumor midway through the lengthy procedure, which could have given Kalam hypotensive shock or ruptured her abdomen.

An image of two surgeons. Credit: Pexels

Kalam was allegedly too poor to afford medical treatment herself and was in agony for seven months before she could finally be operated on. The unfortunate widow had to wait until nearby friends and neighbors living in her village managed to raise just $71 before she could receive the proper care she needed.

According to, serous cystadenomas are the commonest type of ovarian epithelial neoplasm. They are usually composed of unilocular cysts filled with a clear watery fluid. They typically measure around 10 cm in diameter but can grow to a much larger size. They are benign lesions usually with a good prognosis for patients suffering from them.