Domino's large garlic & herb dip contains nearly 700 calories

Domino's large garlic & herb dip contains nearly 700 calories

When the weekend rolls around, the chances are most of us are going to be ordering a takeaway of some kind. And what better way to celebrate having no work than ordering the best food on the planet: pizza!

But it doesn't matter how cheesy and meaty and delicious Domino's pizzas are, we all know the best part of the meal is dunking those crispy cheesy crusts into a large pot of their signature garlic & herb dip. And if you're anything like me, you'll probably order a couple of extra tubs for the Chicken Strippers and potato wedges on the side.

This pizza delivery guy shocked a family when he sat down at their piano:

However, after discovering just how many calories are actually in a 100g pot of the garlic & herb dip, you may be cutting it out altogether.

Because we're not allowed to have nice things, it has recently come to light that this little pot of deliciousness actually contains a whopping 675 calories. To put that into perspective, that's more than two McDonald's cheeseburgers and over one-third of a woman's daily recommended calorie intake.

The 100g pot also contains an eye-watering 73.8g of fat.

Of course, the £1.15 100g pot is supposed to be consumed between four people - but I quite literally have never done that in my life ever.

And, as you can imagine, Twitter users are absolutely in mourning over the calorific revelation. Like, seriously devastated:

So, is this enough to make you cut out the garlic and herb dip from your takeaway order? Or are you like me and thinking "I'm about to eat a large meat feast pizza, two sides, a tub of Ben and Jerry's, and wash it down with 1.5 liters of Pepsi - I'm really not concerned about an extra 675 calories"?

Thought so...

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