Dove Cameron claps back at body-shamers after posting braless selfie

Dove Cameron claps back at body-shamers after posting braless selfie

It's a sad fact that, on the internet, women's bodies are often viewed purely through a lens of sexist objectification. Even on their own personal social media accounts, some people still feel they have the right to judge the appearance, dress sense, and pretty much anything else of others.

Celebrities aren't immune from this kind of harassment either. In fact, their high profile sadly means that female celebrities just attract more and more hateful messages from strangers. But that doesn't mean that they have to take it lying down.

Check out this video of Dove Cameron getting her hair done:

If you want an example of the best way to respond to this kind of body-shaming, then look no further than Disney star Dove Cameron. This week, the actress took to Instagram to share a selfie, wearing a tank top and no bra.

A vocal minority slated Cameron for having her nipples on show, stating that it was inappropriate for an actress with a younger fanbase to show so much skin. However, Dove later uploaded a series of pictures of herself in response, in which she dismissed the idea that other people should have the power to censor her personal photographs.

Cameron captioned one such picture: "Women HAVE a history that has been systematically suppressed. Our collective spirituality has largely been tainted to fit the needs of men and those in power. This has a profound effect on the self-esteem of girls and the women they become."

She added: "This influence can be seen in their life choices, partners and financial security for the rest of their lives. It also has an effect on the way their future partners will view them - and ultimately treat them. Our girls deserve better. The time to introduce feminism and woman-centered spirituality to ALL children is now.”

In a later post, Cameron added: "This is the age of the ascendant Feminine Principle. In such times as these, women are able to look at themselves with new concepts of value and brilliance. However, you inhabit and express being Woman, embrace yourself in that way today! [sic]”

Plenty of fans were supportive of her post. One example, one person commented: "For the people hating, I honestly don’t get why you’re wasting time hating or shaming someone else. Like damn, at least she’s covered up. Even if she wasn’t you shouldn’t hate on her, you simply just leave the page."

They added: "It’s just disappointing and it hurts to see hate comments on someone you look up to, or your a fan of. I’m definitely sure it hurts more for Dove, but she really doesn’t need this hate right now, it’s not even worth your time. People just need something to start because they obviously have nothing else better to do. [sic]"

This isn't the first time that Dove has had to stand up for her principles. Back in June she came out publically in support of fellow-Disney alum Bella Thorne, after nude photos of her leaked to the internet.