Fitness blogger hits back after being 'mom-shamed' for bikini pic

Fitness blogger hits back after being 'mom-shamed' for bikini pic

Every parent will argue that your life immediately changes once you have a child. Along with sleepless nights and a drained bank account, your responsibilities are forced to change as your number one priority becomes being a parent.

However, does that mean that parents need to "look" and "behave" a certain way? It is an age-old argument: "You can't go out wearing that, you're a mother!" or "You can go around doing that, you're a father!" But how true to life is this?

Well, one mother who was recently "mom-shamed" on social media is fitness blogger Sia Cooper.

Britney Spears, who is also a mom, recently inspired her followers with a workout vid:

Boasting over 1 million followers on Instagram, the influencer is a source of inspiration for many parents, who enjoy seeing how the mom balances her health with her parenting. However, after posting a picture showcasing her stunning body in a bikini, one commenter called Sia out - stating how she should refrain from posting such pictures because she is a mother.

The comment read: "To show your gains you don’t have to show your behind like that. You are a mother, think about what [sic] your children see your behind in your posts in the future, unfollowed."

However, Sia rightfully took umbrage with the comment, and hit back with another Instagram post, once again showcasing her figure in a bikini. She captioned the image:

"The other day, I had posted a photo of myself in this very same bikini and was told to cover up... because I am a mother. Cue the mom-shaming.

"Since when were moms supposed to hide their bodies? Since when were mothers no longer allowed to feel sexy? How do you think babies even got here in the first place?"

Rebel Wilson recently showed off her impressive weight loss in a stunning Instagram video:

"She went on to say that I should think about what my kids will think of my behind someday. You know what? I want my kids to see a mother who’s body positive. I want my kids to see a mother who’s confident in her own skin. Plus, they love my butt and use it as a bongo when I’m cooking dinner or awkwardly standing in line at the grocery store.

"There is no rule out there that states you can’t rock a bikini just because you pushed a baby out of your vagina at some point in your life. [...]"

The mom continued:

"I grew up with a mom who hated her body. In fact, she also made me hate mine by nitpicking it apart and pointing out every time it had looked like I had gained weight as a teenager. I fought like hell to finally love myself and it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started wearing shorts again in public. [..]

"Sometimes, all a mother needs is to truly FEEL herself. Let’s face it: motherhood can make us feel less than sexy. It leaves us drained, depressed, exhausted, and staring into a mirror, looking at a former shell of ourselves that we barely recognize anymore. [...]

"So mamas, put on your bikinis. You’ve earned it. Every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin without society’s judgy opinions.

"Let the mom-judging stop. Motherhood is already tough as it is."

Great words of advice, Sia! But what do you think? Is there a certain way parents should behave online?