Flight attendants share their amazing top tips for looking fresh after long-haul flights

Flight attendants share their amazing top tips for looking fresh after long-haul flights

It's no wonder that most of us shuffle off the aeroplane after a long flight looking puffy and lifeless when there's less than 20 per cent humidity in the cabin. That's less than some deserts, meaning that if you're on a long-haul flight for more than six hours, your skin becomes severely depleted of moisture.

It leaves you dehydrated, your face feeling inflated, and makes you really, really want to wash your visage. But somehow, the flight attendants on board always look immaculate. Their makeup never slides off, and their skin looks healthy and fresh even though they spend a significant portion of their days up there in the moisture-sucking atmosphere that wreaks havoc on the rest of us.

So how do they do it? These flight attendants have revealed all...

1. Moisturiser matters more than makeup

If they're not working, flight attendants prefer to remove their makeup on board and slather on an intense moisturiser instead. It's better for your skin, and who really cares what you look like on long-haul flights anyway?

"Load up on a heavy moisturiser or even a night cream when you’re doing a transcontinental flight," Marsha McCray, who's worked as a flight attendant for over 20 years, told People. Then before landing, cleanse your face with a face wipe and apply a light coat of makeup "and you can still look fresh".

2. Choose lasting products

If you really insist on keeping your makeup in place during the flight, then choose your products wisely. Flight attendants know this all too well: "Once I apply my make up for the flight, it's not coming off until I'm at the hotel," Australian flight attendant Anastasia Andreev told the Daily Mail. Her go-to is Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation, which "literally stays put for 24 hours and ensures I need as few touch ups as possible through the flight".

Hydrating products are also super important. She makes sure that her liquid lipstick "doesn't dry [her] lips out" while still being "the perfect colour to complement the pink in our scarves". "Never forget to touch up before touch down, that's key," she concluded.

3. Use a face mist

When your skin starts to feel dehydrated or tight, they recommend spritzing with a rosewater face mist. "[It] smells like Monet’s garden and wakes up full, tired skin," Lauren Gaynor told News.com.au of her favourite mist product.

4. Rock a sheet mask

More and more people are sharing selfies from inside the cabin of themselves wearing sheet masks. It's probably in an effort to laugh about themselves and inform their seat neighbours that they know what they're doing is kind of odd, but they also know that leaving a mask on for 20 minutes in-flight is one of the best ways to give your skin a well-needed drink. If you're not up for the weird looks, then applying a sheet mask before or after a long flight will do you good as well.

5. Aim to drink a litre of water for every four hours in the air

"Bring your own water bottle, and ask the flight attendants to fill it up for you before take off," American flight attendant Samantha Sweeney told People. It'll save you from asking them every half an hour for a new cup of water, and hydrating from the inside will keep you looking and feeling fresh. Avoid drinking coffee, tea and alcohol on board as these will only dehydrate you further.

6. Apply lipstick to look more alive

Flying makes everyone look kind of dull and puffy, so a slick of lipstick before you land will help make your teeth look whiter and add some colour and energy to your look. "Throw on some oversized shades and a glossy lip," says flight attendant Marion Chan. "You will look glam coming off a long flight – even without makeup!"

7. Serums are your friend

"Using a serum under your moisturiser helps lock in extra moisture that you will need on a long-haul flight," says Samantha. It also gives your skin plenty of nutrients, and ones with hyaluronic acid are best for water retention.

Lauren seconds this, saying she applies a serum while napping on board: "I slather this on during our crew rest period and wake up looking dewy and rested — even when I’m not."

Time to book an exotic holiday somewhere far away? I think so too.