Instagram star shows off 'butt dimples' to make an important point about body positivity

Instagram star shows off 'butt dimples' to make an important point about body positivity

It's amazing how good your body can look after adjusting a few simple things, such as your posture, the lighting and camera angle. Of course, Instagram influencers are well versed in the ways they can garner more likes, by and by catapulting themselves to selfie superstardom.

But now, one fitness blogger - who has amassed upwards of 759,000 followers - has committed to keeping things real on the platform, and confessed that her appendages don't always look as flawless as they appear.

Australian personal trainer, and Instagram star, Madalin Giorgetta is certainly in enviable shape, but even she falls prey to cellulite and "butt dimples", and she's speaking out about it.

"When my sister originally took this photo of me I saw it and was like "eww gross delete delete," she wrote in the caption of a post. "I forgot to delete it and kept it on my computer for months. I shared another similar more flattering picture on my Instagram (sans butt dimples) and never thought I would ever share the original photo."

"When @whandfmag were interviewing me for a piece on their body issue edition I attached 5 images, all pictures in which I thought I looked pretty good," she continued. "I hesitated to send this picture as I didn't know how I'd feel about this being on every newsstand in Australia. In a "what the hell" moment I emailed it through, and the editor told me it was the picture there [sic] were deciding to print. Now that I see it in print, I'm extremely proud and so happy I made the decision to publish a photo of myself that shows me for me. No editing, no booty pose, just me, a giant coconut and my goofy grin."

Of course, the people of the internet were all for Madalin's commitment to keeping it real. "Love this. Just accepting it and leting go. This is beautiful," one Instagram user wrote, while another corroborated, "Thank you for this. i love that as a woman you love your body and it inspires me to love my own, no matter my height, my measurements [sic]. i've for years thought my body was not a "womanly shape" [sic]. but learning to love myself has been such a rewarding journey, thank you for being a part of that journey."

"Babe this is amazing, I remembered reading something from you last year I’m a confession [sic] about when you photoshopped out your cellulite because it made you fell better. This is so brave, it must have made you feel so much better doing this ! You’re inspiring many," a third added.

As Madalin said in her accompanying interview for Women’s Health and Fitness magazine, "Always remember that the images you see are carefully selected, filtered, angled and lit to display people in the best possible light."

"Don’t let someone’s perfect selfie dictate your confidence – most people don’t actually look how they do on Instagram."

Amen to that.