Jenna Jameson shares side-by-side butt pics to show off results of her diet

Jenna Jameson shares side-by-side butt pics to show off results of her diet

If you're dieting right now and you need inspiration, then look no further than Jenna Jameson. After giving birth to her daughter Batel almost two years ago, the former adult film actress has been on a mission to shed her body fat and slim down. To that end, she's now following a ketogenic diet: a diet where practitioners eat high-fat, low-carb foods, in a bid to force the body's digestive system to go into a metabolic state called ketosis.

This week, Jenna took to Instagram to share images of herself with her many followers. She posted a side-by-side pic which showed off her back and butt, and fans are loving her progress.

She captioned her post:

"I cannot stress enough the importance of taking “before pics” 👏🏻 I HATED SEEING THESE PICTURES UNTIL I STARTED SEEING PROGRESS! So if you are beginning your journey or even thinking about #keto please take my advice and take jumping off pictures!!!! Next step is to clean out your kitchen of garbage processed foods and inform your family that the household is building healthy bodies! I’ll be doing a #howtostartketo on my next weight loss post so stay tuned! [sic]"

She later posted another follow-up describing her dieting process, in which she wrote:

"I began by reorganizing my refrigerator and pantry. I threw away everything that was processed and packaged. I starting reading EVERY ingredient in my foods, you’d be sooo surprised how companies hide corn syrup, potato starch and a host of other fillers and sugar in their foods. This is the stuff that sticks to our saddlebags and muffin tops! [sic]"

"I then made a trip to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and focused on buying lots of beautiful produce, grass-fed meats, and wild fish. I bought lots of block cheeses (most packaged shredded cheeses contain potato starch FYI) the shorter the ingredient list the better when it comes to food! I drink mostly water but I adore Fresca soda, it helps dampen my sweet tooth. [sic]"

Needless to say, her Instagram followers were pretty impressed with her progress. For example, Instagram user carlscott142 commented: "U look so good now and u have come a long way before u r at your goal now and happy that your husband was with you on your journey to your happy place [sic]."

Another person with the handle krrristen75 added: "I’ve never stuck to any diet before and after having an oops baby at age 38, I needed to do something! I caught a line from you in an article that said something about being lucky to not get bored eating the same thing every day. By the end of the day, I was stalking your Instagram and writing down a few meals- I started Keto within the week and lost 20 pounds in a month! I just do everything you say! That’s how I Keto! [sic]"

Well done Jenna!