Jessica Biel posted a video of her pre-Emmy's butt workout and it looks intense

Jessica Biel posted a video of her pre-Emmy's butt workout and it looks intense

In case you haven't heard, the Emmy's took place last night. Other than the awards themselves, there was a proposal on stage, Chrissy Teigen meme-d herself again, and you can bet that the red carpet was full of dazzling celebs in glamorous outfits.

One such star was Jessica Biel, who took her husband Justin Timberlake as her date to the event. She was up for an award and made every effort to look a solid ten for the event. While she documented the small army of makeup artists and hairdressers tending to her before she hit the red carpet, Jessica's prep went well beyond that.

She was nominated for best lead actress in a limited series/movie for her role in The Sinner. Though the award went to Regina King for her part in Seven Seconds, Jessica still looked like she had a blast. This pre-Emmy's pic was obviously just a joke...

The 36-year-old wore a white strapless dress from Ralph and Russo's Fall 2018 Couture collection, and dare I say she looked absolutely bangin'. In preparation for the night, Jessica hit the gym with her trainer Ben Bruno, where the two of them did a workout that featured a lot of glute-heavy exercises.

She's no stranger to exercise, and judging by the kind of exercises she was doing on Monday, she's very, very fit. Jessica uploaded a snippet of her workout to Instagram, showing off the intense squats she was doing to tone up her legs and butt. Her trainer joked that she might be "so sore that she can’t sit down for the show" afterwards.

"Hey, Emmy, my butt is coming for you. (Assuming I can walk after these pistol squats)," she wrote alongside the video. She's filmed doing single leg squats from a box, raising dumbells with her arms as she squats low with incredible precision.

Honestly, I'm getting tired just watching her. Naturally, Ben was impressed as he was proud, sharing a video of the same workout to his own Instagram.

"These single leg squats from @jessicabiel are seriously, seriously impressive," her trainer wrote on Instagram. "So is her dancing. She’s up for an Emmy on Monday and has been training really hard. I’m very excited for her and just hope she’s not so sore that she can’t sit down for the show."

As for her diet, Jessica has never been a fan of fad diets or detoxes but rather prefers a long-term approach that she can stick to.

"I'm not all-out anything," she told the Los Angeles Times about her casual attitude towards dieting. It's helped her listen to her body and figure out what works for her, and what doesn't.

"Honestly, I just feel better when I don't have gluten or wheat or dairy," she said. "My digestion is better, I feel better, I have more energy.”

Well, with that kind of a mindset combined with her hardcore workouts, it's no wonder she's looking so good!