Man loses ability to walk after rare genetic disorder causes his leg to balloon to 220lbs

Man loses ability to walk after rare genetic disorder causes his leg to balloon to 220lbs

With 206 bones, at least 650 muscles, and more than 100 billion neurons inside it, the human body is probably the most complex biological specimen on this Earth. It's no surprise, then, that sometimes something goes wrong.

In fact, there's probably not a single person reading this who hasn't had a bout of the flu, or a broken bone, or one of those inexplicable headaches that just comes on out of the blue. However, for Arun Rajasingh, a man from Chennai in southern India, the defect in his body caused something a little more serious than a runny nose or a migraine.

Since birth, he has had a condition called Segmental Overgrowth Syndrome caused by a rare genetic mutation, and this is what it has done to his body:

As you can see, Rajasingh's right leg has ballooned to more than five times its natural size. It weighs in at a staggering 220lbs (just shy of 100kg), making it nearly impossible to move about.

Up until 2008, though, he managed to live a relatively normal life. He was able to walk around (albeit with difficulty), get himself a good education, and, amazingly, start his own business. He even made his way into the office every single day without assistance.

Unfortunately, when he was just 27 years old, Rajasingh's condition got so bad that he was confined to his house, and he has only deteriorated since.

According to his brother, Allwyn, "He needs constant nursing & medical care for his pain and recovery of any wounds caused to his toes due to the pressure that the weight of the right foot puts on."

However, the self-made businessman refuses to give up.

Right from the beginning, he faced dire odds, as his family were told that he probably would not survive his infancy, let alone be able to walk. However, he managed to pull through, and his mother committed herself to raising him as if he was as able-bodied as anyone else. Since then he's endured unimaginable pain and suffering, and was even encouraged to have his limb amputated in 1997 - but again, he refused to give up.

According to his brother, things started looking up for Rajasingh when "A close friend of his family doctor became aware of Arun's condition and  decided to sponsor him for Medical Care at Boston Children Hospital, in the U.S."

While overseas, however, things took a turn for the worse.

"While in the U.S.  Arun's mother passed away.  When Arun was told of his mother's death he was griefstricken.  Due to post traumatic stress and living alone in the U.S., Arun developed severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) at the age of 16.   Arun suffered a nervous breakdown and returned to his family in India."

His OCD, along with the type 2 diabetes he has since developed as a result of his condition, make day-to-day living so much harder for Rajasingh.

At the time of writing, Rajasingh is still immobile. He only leaves his home for visits to the hospital, and can only be transported by ambulance when he does so. A gofundme has been set up to raise money for his recovery and rehabilitation.