Mom looked so different after losing weight for her wedding that her friend didn’t recognise her

Mom looked so different after losing weight for her wedding that her friend didn’t recognise her

Losing weight is no mean feat - it requires hard work and sacrifice, but those who embark on weight loss journeys often say that they've made lifestyle changes that will last for years and years.

Someone who has done exactly this is Kat Butcher, who lost a considerable amount of weight in time for her wedding.

Kat, who hails from Swindon in England, fell in love with her childhood sweetheart Matthew back in 2011, and the two soon hooked up and became a couple.

They were very happy together, but Kat claims that she became complacent about her health, and things worsened after she had her gall bladder removed. Soon after falling pregnant, she managed to pile on more than seven stone. However, when Matthew proposed to her in April 2017 by a lake in Newbury, she decided enough was enough.

She switched from a diet of pizza, fries and curry to the low-carb Terri-Ann 123 Diet Plan. By the time her wedding rolled around, she'd managed to shrink back to ten stone, and looked so different that one of her friends at the ceremony didn't actually recognise her at first.

Commenting on her remarkable change of lifestyle in a recent interview, Kat stated:

"I’d put on a little bit [of weight] and think it was OK, then put on a bit more – and before I knew it, I was overweight. Once I got to that stage, I became miserable. I felt uncomfortable about how I looked and basically stopped going out. I would wear baggy clothes all the time, trying to hide my figure and every time anyone took a picture of me, I’d immediately get them to delete it.

"I wasn’t enjoying buying clothes any more and I’d just wear the baggiest things I could find. It got to a stage where I was avoiding leaving the house and going out too. I just felt so embarrassed about the way I looked and in my mind thought that everyone was staring at me ... I didn’t want to feel like I wasn’t myself any more – I just wanted to be me again."

She added:

"When my friend failed to recognise me, it was because the last time she’d seen me, I’d been about five stone heavier ... Even though it was a little embarrassing, it made me feel good, because I didn’t like the person I was before and I’m glad people don’t recognise me now. I’m really pleased to be back to my old self again and to have broken free from being the unhappy fat person I was before."

The couple's wedding took place at Swindon Registry Office, before the two of them went to Cornwall for their honeymoon.