Mom nearly paralysed after suffering serious injuries on surf simulator

Mom nearly paralysed after suffering serious injuries on surf simulator

A woman has been left seriously injured, after riding on a surf simulator while on vacation in Egypt, LADBible has reported.

Mother-of-two Tracy Turner, who hails from Pontefract in West Yorkshire, was almost paralyzed while using the slide at the Coral Sea Aqua Club Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh. The 51-year-old sustained crushed bones and fractures to her back and neck as a result, and a video of the incident has since emerged on social media.

Check out the footage of the incident below:

The video shows Tracy toppling off the board being forced back by the strong waves, before getting caught in the current. The current was so strong that the water ripped off her bikini and left her half-naked and helpless. Operators were eventually able to rescue her, and she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Tracy has now been left with lasting injuries and is keen to warn others about the dangers of water parks. As a result of the severe injuries she sustained, she now has to receive regular injections in her spine and takes a number of painkillers.

Even though the accident occurred back in 2015, Tracy says she's been left in chronic pain, and that her medication does little to relieve her torment. She claims that the pain is mostly in her neck, back, and between her shoulder blades.

She's also intending to take legal action against the travel agent company TUI, which she claims has shown no interest in her injuries. Commenting on the suit