Mother-of-three who is regularly mistaken for her children's sister reveals the secret to her youth

Mother-of-three who is regularly mistaken for her children's sister reveals the secret to her youth

One of the biggest compliments you can pay a mother is that she could be her children's sister. It may be a classic - no, scratch that - cliché and a tiresome chat-up line, but it is a favourite for anybody trying to woo an older woman.

But in some - admittedly very few - cases, it's not so much a seedy line as it is a genuine observation.

Some women are fortunate enough to appear decades younger than their actual age, in turn making the idea that they could be a mother to teenage or even grownup children pretty astonishing. And one mother who can certainly testify to that is Abigail O'Neill.

Abigail O'Neill is regularly mistaken for her children's fourth sibling and, as such, is now revealing the secrets to her eternal youth:

By her own admission, it is very often assumed that O'Neill is not the mother of her three kids - Charlotte, 25, Rory, 23, and Ryan, 20 - but rather, their sister. "I get told weekly that I look like my children's sibling," she explains. "People are astonished when I tell them I am their mother."

"They'll say things like, 'I never would have guessed you to have grown up kids, they look like your little brothers and sisters'."

O'Neill, a model from New South Wales, Australia, takes a somewhat unique approach in maintaining her youthful appearance, including making her own facemasks.

The majority of the ingredients included in the Byron Bay native's daily routine are actually edible items you might find around the house. These include honey, cocoa powder, sea salt, turmeric powder, coconut oil, coconut yogurt, and acai powder.

And it's certainly not just about the edible items she applies to her face. O'Neill also ensures she maintains a healthy diet with plenty of fresh and organic ingredients: "I've always lived by the mantra that you are what you eat," she says. "I love eating superfood-rich, organic and mostly raw plant-based meals."

"Because I've nourished myself so long with unprocessed, raw and organic foods, I don't crave unnatural meals ever and never have a cheat day.

The 44-year-old model's regime also includes other natural components such as Epsom salts, fresh aloe vera, and various essential oils.

Yes, the mother-of-free follows a strict skincare regime, but the ingredients she uses are relatively affordable. Plus, they're all completely natural and free of chemicals.

"I have focused on an all-natural skincare routine for my whole life and I think that has helped me stay looking young."

And this all-natural skincare routine has benefitted O'Neill to the extent that, "whenever my daughter and I go out together, people always say we look like sisters. It happens all the time.

"We have a wonderful relationship, so I guess we are more like sisters in that sense.

"People always guess that I'm in my twenties. They are shocked when I tell them my real age."