Naked yoga is now a thing and it's helping women to feel empowered

Naked yoga is now a thing and it's helping women to feel empowered

There are plenty of reasons why people opt for yoga as their main source of fitness. The health benefits of yoga - both mental and physical - are extraordinary. It promotes better flexibility, balance, strength, and decreases your cholesterol and stress levels.

But if the advice of one particular yoga instructor is anything to go by, we've probably been going about it the wrong way.

Have you ever considered that the best way of practicing the ancient Indian discipline might be entirely in the nude?

This Australian yoga instructor is opening up about her decision to teach female-only naked yoga classes:

Rosie Rees, the founder of Women’s Nude Yoga, is hoping to draw attention to her message of self-acceptance, body love, and freedom in one's own skin.

The Perth native decided to focus on the art of naked yoga when she returned from an intensive yoga retreat in India roughly four years ago.

Rees' nudist housemate encouraged her to try it out entirely unclothed - she did - and hasn't looked back since.

She even quit her corporate job to focus her attention on running yoga classes in Perth and has since, by her own admission, managed to draw in hundreds of women.

"I am interested in radical self-acceptance, feminine expression and being vulnerable, even if your voice trembles and your body shakes," Rees writes on her website.

"I birthed my business from two things I love - being naked and feeling pleasure; a true hedonist at heart! I am my own guinea pig and only share what has personally worked for me."

The 30-year-old also speaks very openly about her own experience with body confidence issues:

"Similarly, practicing nude yoga in my backyard in 2015 enabled me to be more confident and comfortable in my skin. I couldn’t help but want every woman to feel this way about themselves, particularly because 90% of women are considered to 'hate their body'."

Rees is also claiming that regularly practicing the art of naked yoga can make drastic improvements to your sex life.

"A lot of women go home to have the best sleep of their life, or the best love-making of their life — with the lights on — because they finally feel at ease and free in their body," she told Australian Yoga Journal. "Truly amazing things happen when women relinquish their armor, masculinity, and barriers to love."

"When a woman feels safe, she can soften and surrender, and that’s the space I hold in these workshops."