Oatly launches oat milk ice cream and it looks incredible

Oatly launches oat milk ice cream and it looks incredible

Oatly has been a go-to milk alternative since its launch in 1985.

Now, to reflect the increasing number of people opting for plant-based and flexetarian diets, it has launched an oat milk ice cream. Available in seven different flavors, it will be available for purchase this month in New York City.

Oatly's strawberry ice cream. Credit: Oatly

At this point in it's worth noting that while Oatly ice cream isn't entirely new, until now, it has only been available for purchase in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

What are the flavors? I hear you ask. Pretty Average Vanilla, Totally Basic Chocolate, Very Fancy Double Chocolate Fudge, Quite Ordinary Strawberry, and Really Posh Caramel Hazelnut, Vegan Food and Living reports.

Until now, Oatly ice cream, even where it was available, only existed in VanillaChocolate, and Strawberry flavors.

However, don't worry if you're not based in NY. East Cost Oatly lovers can also get in on the action as there is a baby pink and mint-green ice cream van touring California to give people a try of Oatly's new ice cream flavors.

Fingers crossed Oatly's ice cream will be available nationally in the not too distant future!