Peloton's latest commercial has sparked confusion and disgust from viewers

Peloton's latest commercial has sparked confusion and disgust from viewers

Sometimes advertising really fails to connect with consumers the way its creators expected, and an audience can actually be turned off to a product, rather than excited by it.

For instance, this week social media users were left disturbed and confused by a new commercial for Peloton exercise bikes, with some viewers even drawing comparisons to the creepy technology drama Black Mirror.

Take a look at the ad and see for yourself what Twitter-users are talking about: 

The video, entitled: 'The Gift That Gives Back', was uploaded to Peloton's official YouTube channel on November 21. The video's description states:

"This holiday, give your loved ones the opportunity to discover their strength, whenever they want it, all year long. Give them a gift that goes beyond the Holiday season. Give the gift of Peloton."

The video shows a young woman being given an exercise bike as a present by her husband. Despite clearly being in good shape already, the actress in the video can be seen working out and vlogging about her exercise routine in a bid to impress her husband.

At the end of the video the couple watches the diary of her fitness journey together, with the woman stating: "A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would change me. Thank you."

However, a number of Twitter-users were actually a little creeped out by the tone of the commercial and they promptly shared their opinions on the subject.

For instance, one Twitter user wrote: "My fave commercial right now is that one where a guy buys his already perfectly fit wife a Peloton for Christmas and she gets revenge by making him watch a compilation video of her using it for a year."

Meanwhile, another person commented: "That Peloton commercial would be better if at the end you found out she used it to train hard every day so that the following year, she could beat the shit out of her husband for buying her an exercise bike for Christmas."

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