'Pot Sasquatch' covered in marijuana leaves crashes live news report

'Pot Sasquatch' covered in marijuana leaves crashes live news report

The sasquatch is a mysterious and legendary beast, a creature that some people have dismissed as fantasy, while others are convinced it is a reality. No matter what your stance on the sasquatch's existence is, it's undeniable that the 'Pot Sasquatch' is real: and we have footage of a genuine sighting to prove it.

For those of you who have never heard of it before, allow me to enlighten you. The Pot Sasquatch is the offical mascot of a Springfield store called Potco: a special gardening center that sells all kinds of paraphilia for the growth of legal cannabis.

An image of marijuana. Credit: Pexels

The store is representing by a character dubbed 'Potsquatch' - a “mossy, ghillie-suited plantlike character," who looks a little bit like the comic book monster the Swamp Thing.

Anyway, when WWLP meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei was filming a segment about heavy snowfall one winter, viewers at home got a terrifying glimpse of the huge and shaggy green monster close up, as it stealthily crept up on Pagliei and interrupted the broadcast. Take a look at the hilarious look at the close encounter in the video below:

Take a look at the hilarious footage of the news report below: 

However, that isn't to say that we haven't covered stories of supposedly-real Bigfoot sightings. For instance, back in February of last year, a shocked group of hunters in the mountains of Utah filmed a creepy figure lurking atop a snowy hillside near Northeast Provo, which they claimed was the Sasquatch.

Austin Craig, one of the Bigfoot witnesses, was so disturbed by what he saw at the foothills, that he promptly took the next day off work in order to scour the surrounding environs and find more evidence of the monster's presence.

In a later interview with local news reporters, Craig stated: "You can't just see something that's maybe a once-in-a-century discovery and go do your nine-to-five job. You go to look for fur, or footprints, or some kind of evidence. Was it a bear? Maybe. That's plausible. Was it a person? Also plausible. Was it something else? I think that's also possible. Who knows?"