Rage yoga is a thing, and it involves swearing, drinking and heavy metal

Rage yoga is a thing, and it involves swearing, drinking and heavy metal

Ah, yoga. So... zen, isn't it?

When you're able to clear your head and get into the zone, there's nothing quite as chill or as challenging as this meditation workout. But sometimes, in the unforgiving grind of daily life, that's not always possible.

Your boss is on your back, your rent is due, you've had an argument with your partner; overall, your Happy Place is a long way away, and at the moment all the ways you can get there are overbooked. Sometimes, you just want to forget all that zen business, and rage at the world instead.

Well, with rage yoga, you don't have to be chilled out to enjoy a good yoga session. Instead, while you stretch, why not headbang to some System of a Down, chug a can of Foster's and curse up a storm sweary enough to make Gordon Ramsay blush?

"I knew there were other like-minded weirdos who wanted a kick ass practice and to unleash their inner badass... so I created Rage Yoga!" explains Lindsay Istace, who's the founder of Rage Yoga. Describing Rage Yoga as "alternative yoga for the modern badass", she says that her practice completely changed the way she lived her life:

"Before I found my practice I was a stress case all the time! My mind was constantly running a mile a minute and I couldn't slow down. I had zero confidence, rage issues and, on top of it all, the muscle mass of a kitchen sponge.

"My practice gave me a strong body-mind connection and a new appreciation for my body. I learned how to slow my mind, feel good in my body and built some decent pipes while I was at it. It helped me overcome addiction and weather a lot of personal obstacles. It kept me healthy and sane! It changed my life and I want to share that gift with you."

Here's Lindsay explaining exactly what Rage Yoga is all about:

"On and off the mat, Rage Yoga is an attitude. Centered, confident and giving zero fucks," Lindsay says, and I don't know about you, but that sounds like a great time.

Are you like me, putting off all those yoga classes because you didn't feel like it was your kind of thing? Well, grab yourself a glass of whisky, turn up that Rage Against The Machine, because it's rage yoga time.