Schoolboy cheats death after trampoline spring becomes impaled in his back

Schoolboy cheats death after trampoline spring becomes impaled in his back

A 12-year-old boy was rushed to hospital after getting being impaled by a six-inch metal spring from a trampoline.

Jamie Quinlan had been playing on the trampoline in his friend's garden in Lincolnshire, England, on Sunday.

But while the Louth Academy schoolboy was bouncing on the trampoline, he convinced his friends that they should all jump at the same time.

Jamie Quinlan recounts his horrifying brush with death:

They did, and suddenly a spring shot out, ripped through his t-shirt and became impaled in his back. In utter agony, Jamie collapsed and was rushed to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

It was there that surgeons removed the spring which had caused a 6cm-deep hole in his skin in a procedure that lasted about 10 minutes. Per SWNS, the doctors had never encountered an incident of that nature from a trampoline.

According to Jamie's dad, Ian, 62 - a full-time carer for his wife, who has Parkinson’s disease - Jamie was lucky to be alive following the freak accident.

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Jamie said he knew something was wrong when he felt a strange and heavy feeling in his back.

Following the procedure, the 12-year-old stayed overnight at the hospital and was discharged on Monday.

Ian and his wife, Sandra, 55, who have two other sons, are hoping to raise awareness of the potential dangers of trampolines if they are not properly checked for any loose springs.

Credit: SWNS screenshot

Back in 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a policy statement on the use of trampolines in childhood and adolescence, discouraging their use in homes.

The Academy emphasized the risks of fractures and head, neck and spine injuries that home use of trampolines could easily cause in vulnerable and more impulsive youngsters.