Seven-year-old with dwarfism 'brings Times Square to a halt' with stunning breakdance moves

Seven-year-old with dwarfism 'brings Times Square to a halt' with stunning breakdance moves

When interacting with someone who has a disability, people tend to make assumptions about their capabilities. This can be very frustrating for any individual with an impairment, especially if they are subjected to this condescending (intentional or not) treatment on a regular basis.

No one wants to feel that they are regarded as weaker or less capable of carrying out certain everyday tasks. But unfortunately, this is the reality for many with restricted physical abilities.

And people with dwarfism know all too well how their physical appearance and their biology - which differ greatly from that of the general public - can lead people to believe that they are not able to do certain things, or at least not as well as those who are able-bodied.

Well, one seven-year-old breakdancing prodigy is proving these people wrong.

Prepare to be wowed by DJ Loheit's incredible moves:

Seven-year-old DJ Loheit, from Sacramento, California, is one of the 5 million people born with dwarfism in the United States.

But the young breakdancer is living proof that having a physically restrictive condition does not mean you cannot replicate the energy, the technical skills, and the star quality of some of the world's greatest performers.

According to DJ's mother Nicole, watching one single tutorial video sparked her son's love for breakdancing. After less than a year of regular practice, DJ has truly perfected his breakdancing skills. In fact, the talented performer travels all over the country with his mother Nicole in a bid to show off his spectacular moves

Nicole said: “DJ fell in love with [breakdancing] immediately, and it was clear that he had a talent.

“His dwarfism definitely helps him because it means he has more upper body strength and a low center of gravity.

“He has done most of the learning on his own, and in the future, he wants to become a professional acrobat.”

Needless to say, DJ's immense talent immediately draws in large crowds as he performs some of the slickest moves to a level beyond his years.

In one particular standout performance, DJ practically brought New York’s Time Square to a halt, as crowds of people couldn't help but watch in awe, Caters reports.

While it is true that many people with dwarfism suffer additional health concerns and complications of the disorder (including curvature of the spine, reduced joint movement, and hip and knee dislocation), that is not to say that they cannot excel in activities where they have to exert themselves.

DJ alone is a testament to that.