Surgery addict spends over $17,000 on Botox and fillers to look like Barbie

Surgery addict spends over $17,000 on Botox and fillers to look like Barbie

A cosmetic surgery addict has opened up about how they spent over $17,000 on various procedures to "look like a Barbie doll."

Patrick Mast, who identifies as gender-neutral and hails from Frankfurt in Germany, is a masochist who enjoys the pain they experience when going under the knife, and had their Botox injections in the forehead at the tender age of 18. Their subsequent string of 20 lip filler injections has made their lips plump and puffy, and they've even recently tried blepharoplasty; in which excess fat or skin is removed from the eyelids, to make the eyes appear rounder.

Patrick considers themselves a member of the so-called ‘plastic positive’ movement - which celebrates cosmetic surgery aficionados - and has now connected with a network of other real-life Barbies over Instagram.

Patrick is currently single, but they hope to find someone who look past their plastic appearance and focus on personality instead.

An image of Patrick Mast. Credit: Press Association

Commenting on his surgery obsession in a recent interview, Patrick stated:

"In total, I’ve spent about 15,000 Euro on surgery. So far, I’ve had Botox and fillers in my lips, jawline, cheeks and under my eyes, but I’m always looking in the mirror, working out what the next procedure will be. I’d say I am addicted to the pain. I have an idea in my head of what I want to look like and I get closer all the time. I am going for the doll-like, expressionless look."

They added:

"I do work hard to save my money for my surgery. Whenever I get money for Christmas or birthdays, it will go towards a procedure. I just love the artificial look. Growing up, I would see people who have had lots of surgery and think how wealthy they looked. Like, they really took care of themselves ... My character is more important than my outer appearance. Yes, I may personally love surgery, but I also like and support the natural look. We all have to do what makes us happy, and surgery is something that completely depends on the person."

An image of Patrick Mast. Credit: Press Association

"People can be very judgmental, even asking me if I am a man or a woman. They assume that, because of the way I look, I am a Barbie-doll bimbo. They’re surprised when they speak to me and see I actually have a normal character and am well educated. Still, I am a very open person and will always tell people what procedures I have had. I’m not like those people who pretend to be all natural."

Is Patrick going to stop anytime soon? Apparently not - and the pain and recovery process has done nothing to deter them. Still, let's hope that they find love in the near future. After all, beauty is only skin deep.