Teacher carries 10-year-old student with Spina Bifida on his back so she doesn't miss field trip

Teacher carries 10-year-old student with Spina Bifida on his back so she doesn't miss field trip

In Kentucky, a kind teacher went above and beyond to ensure a 10-year-old student with a disability was able to participate in a class field trip, People reports.

According to the child's mother, Shelly King (who posted about the touching gesture on Facebook), when she learned that her daughter Ryan's class was planning a field trip to the Falls of the Ohio State Park near the border of Indiana and Kentucky, she knew she would have to come up with an alternative plan for her kid.

When Ryan was a baby, she was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, a condition in which a child's spine and spinal cord don't develop properly in the womb.

As a result of the condition, Ryan uses a wheelchair, meaning the trip Tully Elementary School had been planning for her class was out of the question. Or at least that's what Shelly initially thought.

As it turned out, Jim Freeman, a teacher at the school, was perfectly willing to carry Ryan on his back all day so she could partake in the day out.

Shelly went into detail about the good deed and what it meant to her in a post to Facebook:

"If i haven’t bragged on my kids school enough - well, listen to this. They are going on a field trip to Falls Of The Ohio today. Obviously, NOT accessible. I was preparing for an “alternate field trip day” when a male teacher reached out and said “I’m happy to tote her around on the falls all day!” She is sooooo excited to do this indepdent from me. Omg MELT MY HEART. Thank you Christie Pile for giving me these back pack carriers, making this possible for Ryan. I CANT wait for pics today ❤️ We are sooooo blessed to have an ENTIRE school that is so compassionate and empathetic and NEVER make her feel left out.

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