Teen keeps thinking it's June 11th after memory resets every 2 hours due to head injury

Teen keeps thinking it's June 11th after memory resets every 2 hours due to head injury

A 16-year-old girl has opened up about how a traumatic head injury has caused her memory to ''reset'' every two hours, so that she is unable to form new memories, and wakes up thinking every day is June 11.

June 11 was the day of the ordeal which caused Riley Horner's memory to malfunction.

Riley was accidentally kicked in the head by a student who was "crowd-surfing" during a dance at the FFA State Convention, WQAD reports.

According to Riley’s mother Sarah Horner, when the teen was discharged, she was given crutches and was diagnosed with a concussion.

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In fact, Riley has no recollection of what happened before the day of June 11 and the days following.

"I have a calendar on my door and I look and it’s September and I’m like 'Whoa!'" 16-year-old Riley Horner told WQAD. "People don’t understand - it’s like a movie."

However, Sarah believes her condition is more complex than doctors initially led her to believe. Riley has since endured "dozens" of seizures and has had "countless" more trips to the hospital.

"They tell us there’s nothing medically wrong," Sarah told WQAD 8. "They can’t see anything. You can’t see a concussion though on an MRI or a CT scan. There’s no brain bleed, there’s no tumour."

Riley Horner Credit: WQAD

Riley's condition has been extremely hard on both herself and her family as practically every new experience she has made since the accident fails to become a memory.

"My brother passed away last week, and she probably has no idea," Sarah told WQAD 8. "We tell her every day, but she has no idea about it."

Riley even carries a detailed set of notes with her to school so that when her two-hour timer sounds, she can "brush up" on all the things she has forgotten - for instance, where to find her locker.

"We need somebody that knows a little bit more because she deserves better. I mean she wanted to be in the medical field and now she can’t even hold a job if she wanted to,” Sarah said.