Teenager, 18, hospitalised after botched lip fillers

Teenager, 18, hospitalised after botched lip fillers

A teenager claims she was left hospitalized for days, after a lip filler debacle left her with deformed lips that oozed green pus.

Taking to Facebook to share some gruesome pictures of her swollen lips, Lauren Jade Winstanley (who hails from Wigan in England) paid a salon £170 on October 2 to have 1.5ml of filler injected into them.

But rather than making them lush and plump, she contracted an infection due to the unhygienic equipment used on her

According to a report by British tabloid newspaper The Mirror, Lauren was initially told that the swelling was a result of an allergic reaction, and was given antihistamines.

But when things got more and more painful for her, she was rushed to Whiston Hospital in Rainhill in Merseyside, where doctors had to drain the pus from her mouth and give her antibiotics instead.

On Facebook, Lauren wrote" "I'm doing this review to prevent this from happening to someone else, alls i can say is that [I've learned] my lesson from this and would [advise] anyone thinking to having fillers please do your research and go to a highly qualified practitioner not a beautician. [sic]"

She continued: "After being rushed to hospital when my face neck and airwaves swelled i was given oxygen, morphine for the pain and fever, antibiotic and fluids through a drip I was sick and couldn't eat or talk I was in that much pain i was put to sleep for surgery to remove the infected filler and flush the infection out leaving my lips deformed and uneven i was in agony and was only discharged a week later. [sic]"

"I then went to see a dermal nurse to examine my lips she then told me it was a vascular [occlusion] which she injected into a blood vessel causing a blockage in my lip, she said i was very lucky and if id left it any longer I could have had my lips reconstructed. [sic]"

She added: "6 weeks later iv lost all feeling in my left side of my bottom lip which makes me feel [agitated] because it feels bigger than what it really is, I wouldn't wish this on anyone, my family and friends have been so supportive and kept me strong through this awful experience, u never think its gonna happen until it does to yourself now i have to live with the trauma of the whole experience. [sic]"

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