This amazing website allows you to fake your entire online life

This amazing website allows you to fake your entire online life

Wouldn't everything be so much simpler if you could simply fake your way through your online life, without actually having to go through the exhausting rigmarole of actually living it?

Rather than visiting sun soaked vistas and posing for endless bikini shots, you could buy a package of photos that would appear to show you living the social media dream while, in reality, you sit around in the same old pants watching Netflix.

Well, luckily for you, there is a website that can help with your ingenious fakery. Appearing to sell such photo packages as the ‘I Found Love And Babies Package’, the ‘Look At My Holiday And Cry Package’, and the ‘Look What I Had For Lunch Package’, Lifefaker is your one stop shop for faking your golden years on social media. Want a Black Mirror-esque level of control over how you are perceived online? Look no further.

Of course, Lifefaker isn't real - how crazy would that be? Indeed, it is only when one clicks through to buy one of these tongue-in-cheek packages that one is directed to another website. Sanctus is the mental health start-up behind this clever campaign, and they want us all to think about the ways in which social media might be affecting our mental health.

It is hardly breaking new ground to point out that we are confronted with images of perfection practically wherever we look in modern society. Indeed, even when one tears their gaze away from colossal billboards of photo-shopped models or the cover of a glossy magazine, one's phone becomes the next portal, advertising beauty and its paradigms to us.

Such paragons of effervescent beauty construct an unattainable parallel universe to which real people can but haplessly aspire. Yet we are aspirational; a brief scroll through your Instagram feed is enough to teach you that most of us have already subscribed to the pursuit of a perfection that is impossible to realise.

The impact of this would appear to be clear, with mental health start-up Sanctus establishing the statement that 62% of people feel inadequate comparing their lives to others online.

So what do Sanctus do?

"We create safe spaces for people to talk about mental health. We do this online, in our community and within the workplace.

"Our community talks openly about mental health, we share our own stories and champion the Sanctus mission with pride. We do this by publicly sharing our mental health stories online, wearing Sanctus clothing and connecting with each other at Sanctus events."

It's important that we continue the conversation around mental health and break the archaic stigmas that some still attach. In our brave new modern world, it is vital that we consider how new technological innovations - of which social media is undoubtedly the largest - impact on our mental wellbeing.

Thankfully, Sanctus and have started the important conversation.