This company will pay you £5,000 to eat chips, crisps, and toast for a month

This company will pay you £5,000 to eat chips, crisps, and toast for a month

We all have a friend who will only ever eat "beige" foods. I can remember one time at university when me and my housemates made a huge Christmas dinner for the group. I'm talking all the trimmings - but our one pale mate just had a plate of chicken, roast potatoes, mash, and three Yorkshire puds. Not one veg and not even any gravy. Madness.

The truth is, eating in or out with these people can be an absolute nightmare, and in the back of your mind you're always concerned for their health, thinking: "Are they gonna be alright??"

But there's finally some good news for people who have the same diet as a fussy five-year-old, because one company is offering £5,000 ($6,260) to three people to eat "beige foods" like potatoes, bread, chicken, and rice for an entire month.

And if you LOVE fries, check out this incredible recipe below:

Feel - a multivitamin company who aim to "make people healthier, happier and more productive" with their products - are conducting the experiment to see whether or not their multivitamin is effective in generating healthy nutrient levels.

Their official site reads:

"We are looking to recruit three members of the public, who already eat a poor diet, to simply continue to eat ‘beige’ food for a month whilst taking our one-a-day multivitamin.

"What’s more, we’re willing to pay the right candidates £5,000 each to prove that our multivitamin is effective in delivering 18 key vitamins and minerals."

French fries in a bowl. Credit: Pexels

The "vitamin testers" will need to eat their unbalanced diet for 30-days straight, "consisting of mostly ‘beige’ foods like white bread, chicken, eggs, pasta and rice" - all under the ongoing supervision of a qualified nutritionist and doctor.

Candidates for the experiment must be over 18 years old, have no underlying health conditions or currently be undergoing any form of medical treatment. They also can't have any allergies to any of the ingredients in the products they will be required to eat.

Toast in a toaster. Credit: Pexels

The company states:

"We do not endorse or want to encourage replacing a healthy diet with vitamin supplements, which is why only people who already eat a poor diet will be considered for the role."

So, if you're interested in just eating chicken, chips, crisps, and toast for a month (I'm sure we all know somebody who's been training for this their whole life), you can apply here!