This is how you can get Jennifer Garner's super toned arms

This is how you can get Jennifer Garner's super toned arms

As an award-winning actress, mother-of-three and self-confessed chicken lady, it's fair to say that Jennifer Garner must be one busy woman. When she's not hustling Regina George or Hennifer (two of her many chickens) back to their pens, or helping her kids with their homework, she's busy working on new blockbuster flicks.

Jennifer's latest venture is a female-driven movie called Peppermint, which centres around a woman called Riley North, who seeks revenge for the brutal attack on her family that left her husband and daughter dead. As you might imagine, Jennifer plays a total bad*ss in the film. What's even cooler is that she fully committed to the character and got seriously ripped in preparation for the many action scenes.

Her character decides to turn into a super strong fighting machine, and it looks like Jennifer went through that same transformation via some hefty training. She recently shared a video flexing her arm muscles, and we're super impressed (and maybe a little frightened, too!).

The definition in her arms shows she's been hitting the gym hard, and people are commenting that Jennifer is total #fitnessgoals right now.

The 46-year-old worked with Simone De La Rue for the movie, who's a celebrity trainer and founder of Body by Simone. They've been training together for years now but clearly upped the ante for Jennifer's latest role.

"We knew that we needed to look like an action figure," Simone told, "So obviously we needed to target the arms."

The trainer revealed that they did six workouts throughout the week, each one usually lasting one or two hours. After three months of seriously hard work, Jennifer's arms looked as sculpted as they are in the video.

"We worked on lifting heavier weights, usually around 15 pounds," Simone said. "We also did a lot of bodyweight work, and supplemented with my custom resistance bands."

The resistance bands were used for various moves, including the particularly effective overhead press. They also came in handy when Jennifer was on the move, meaning she could work out whenever just as long as she remembered to pack the bands in her bag.

As well as overhead presses, they did a lot of tricep extensions and tricep dips. My arms just hurt thinking about all those reps. In an Instagram video of one of her workouts with Simone, you can see that they also do plenty of ab work, pushups, planks and weight-lifting.

In a previous interview, Jennifer said the workouts were "full-on", telling Entertainment Weekly that she also did daily dance cardio classes, boxing workouts and even sessions with Navy SEALS. Another video shows how practising with the stunt doubles for Peppermint should also be counted as serious calorie-burning workouts.

"It was full-on," she said. "It was the greatest fun. Plus, no working mom is ever going to say to her kids, 'Pardon me while I do my second workout,' so the fact that it was my job allowed me to really indulge in that experience."

She looks fantastic, and clearly had a lot of fun getting so ripped. Go Jen!