This woman's worrying before-and-after sun damage photo is going viral on Reddit 

This woman's worrying before-and-after sun damage photo is going viral on Reddit 

There are a lot of different skin types out there, and it's not just how you look that it affects. This all becomes clear when you get to summer, at which point some people have a much harder time than others. Personally, I can somehow get away without getting burned for all the hottest months of the year, and that's when I'm barely remembering to buy sun lotion.

For others, however, they can get sun damage much more easily, and have to take some precautions.

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In fact, it can get so bad that you just want to stay indoors and not have to deal with it at all - but as this woman shows, there is a way of making some serious recovery after the fact.

In a Reddit post titled 'Years of sun damage vs anti-aging skin care,' a woman who goes by the username NeverMeant125 presented two photos of herself that are four years apart.

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The first photo shows her at the age of 23/24, whereas the other is from more recently, at the age of 28. She also points out that while the angle is slightly different, the lighting and the make-up (just some mascara) are the same.

"In high school and in to college I tanned regularly," she wrote. "I never wore sunscreen OR moisturizer 😖"

However, things have significantly changed in the last few years. She said she's been using a new skincare routine for a few years now, and has seen incredible results - especially after a few years.

Credit: Reddit / @NeverMeant125

In her post, she explained how she feels about her skin - both in the before and after shots. She wrote:

"When I started my skincare routine about 4 years ago I never anticipated my freckles going away. I was more so targeting the melasma and overall unevenness, also the texture of my skin was awful because it was so dry I honestly wore a lot of makeup back then because I didn’t like how my skin looked- not because of the freckles, but because of all the other things and there was no way I could cover the things I didn’t like and not cover up the freckles if that makes sense.

"I had taken the picture on the right in a Walgreens parking lot on Saturday morning because I felt like I was having a good skin day and texted it to my friend. After taking that I remembered my post from 4 years ago and went to look at it and was shocked my the comparison."

As well as a CeraVe foaming cleanser and silk naturals serum, she's been using Kiehl's midnight recovery oil as part of the routine. Then, for the last few months she's been doing gua sha - a traditional Chinese medical treatment in which the skin is scraped - every night. It helps that, like her, there are plenty of YouTube videos to help out with skincare routines.

If you want to read in detail the routine that's worked out for her, you can read the full post on Reddit here.