Traditional Chinese medicine doctor, 30, stuns followers with unbelievably ripped physique

Traditional Chinese medicine doctor, 30, stuns followers with unbelievably ripped physique

A traditional Chinese medicine practitioner has achieved a following of over 106,000 fans on Instagram after showcasing her skills as a bodybuilder, proving that she's as strong and she is smart.

Yuan Herong, 30, started bodybuilding two years ago because she wanted "look stronger". In an effort to turn her dreams into a reality, Herong started training at the gym five times a week, and now she has an absolutely stunning and ripped physique that she proudly showcases on her Instagram account.

Outside of the gym, Yuan works as a physician in a traditional Chinese medicine clinic in the city of Qingdao in eastern China's Shandong Province.

Check out Juan modeling and training in the video below:

Despite being a fan of sports and fitness from a young age, Yuan told the MailOnline that it was her parents' desire for her to have a stable career that led to her focusing on her studies first:

"Both my parents are doctors. At first, I didn't really want to study traditional Chinese medicine, I liked martial arts. My parents told me not to give up my medical studies because they said it was a career that could benefit me for all my life."

After obtaining her degree, Dr. Herong then started pursuing her passion for sports and dedicated more of her free time in the gym. She said: "I started by taking up yoga class, such as pilates, but then I realized workouts like these couldn't really help me grow muscles, so I hired a private instructor to give me training."

It was through her work that Yuan met professional bodybuilder Zhang Wei, and it was Wei who encouraged the doctor to compete in bodybuilding contests. Wei was also able to design specialized training systems for Yuan to fit around her busy schedule.

Yuan said: "Because I am a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, I don't need to work shifts. Therefore I get to go to the gym at 5:30 pm when I finish work. I go there four to five times a week no matter it rains or not.

"I have thought of giving up. Training is a tough, painful, tiring and lonely process. But when I saw my muscles becoming more and more toned, I felt it was worth it."

Her amazing story, combined with her stunning good looks and incredible physique have resulted in Yuan becoming incredibly popular online, and now she even takes jobs as a part-time model.

And last month, Yuan's hard work paid off when she came second in the women's Class-A competition in a national championship held by the Chinese Bodybuilding Association. However, it seems that the doctor now has another passion she wishes to pursue:

"After I make some money, I will use it to hire a master and learn martial arts. I have never given up my martial arts dream."

It's safe to say with a flourishing career as a doctor and an incredible physique, Yuan is able to succeed in anything she puts her mind to.