'Urine therapy' has emerged as the latest viral health trend to sweep the globe

'Urine therapy' has emerged as the latest viral health trend to sweep the globe

We've heard of crazy health fads before. Placenta pills, oxygen shots and snail slime facials all come to mind. However, let me ask you a question: Would you drink your own urine?

Consuming your own pee may seem a step too far for some people. But others are naming it a godsend, with thousands of people swearing by 'urine therapy', the latest health trend to sweep the globe.

While, to you or me, the idea of swallowing liquid body waste is horrific, to followers of the urotherapy fad, it's the best thing out there and can be used to help with anything from losing weight, to acne to digestive issues.

Other proponents of the online ‘urine therapy’ craze have claimed that drinking urine - or massaging it into your skin - can cure certain diseases, boost your energy and even reverse ageing.

So, many of you may be scratching your heads and asking yourself: where is the logic in all of this? Urine therapy fad followers insist that urine contains compounds that can be reabsorbed to improve the body’s ability to fight disease and provide other detoxifying effects.

It has been adopted by numerous health bloggers who promote its purifying benefits to their many online followers. One of whom is Julia Sillaman, who claims that drinking her own pee cured her acne.

The 26-year-old began massaging urine into her face after it was recommended to her by meteorologist Christo Dabraccio, who drinks three cups of his own wee a day. Now, she has claimed that it has cured her complexion, as well as led her to lose 11kg and improve her digestion.

The painter from Maryland in the US has stated that the idea of consuming her own urine didn't worry her and she quickly saw positive results. "The day after I started massaging it into my skin, the inflammation went down and my skin smoothed out," she said. "After I started fasting, the pee stopped smelling and started tasting like coconut water. I have more energy and feel more in touch with nature. This has changed my life, I feel like a different person."

She continued: "I think I will do it for the rest of my life, but maybe not as strictly as I am now. I expected my family to be weirded out, but after seeing my results some of them are trying it for themselves. I get why people might think it’s weird, because it’s not accepted. Most people’s pee smells bad, so we think it’s’ gross. But with more success stories I think it could change."

However, despite the enthusiasm shown by bloggers online, experts have slammed devotees of urotherapy, asserting that the health benefits are all a myth. Professor Henry Woo, a urological surgeon at the University of Sydney, said: "There is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest that urine therapy has any therapeutic value. Those who drink their own urine do nothing more than make a mockery of themselves."

So, the bloggers say yes, the experts say absolutely not. Who are you going to believe?