Vegan is given a breakfast of raisins, apple sauce, and milk during flight

Vegan is given a breakfast of raisins, apple sauce, and milk during flight

A vegan was served a meager 238 calories for breakfast during an 11-hour flight, which also included an animal product.

Ed Sisto was on the 5,200-mile flight from Los Angeles to Manchester when he was woken up to be served his breakfast, which solely consisted of orange juice, raisins, apple sauce, and milk. This is not only well below the recommended calorie intake for a man for breakfast, but the 238 calories would likely be burnt off in just four hours of sitting down.

Ed was also given a dairy product in his vegan meal.

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Ed, who hails from Necton, Norfolk, proceeded to take to Facebook to express his disappointment.

"I would like to bring your attention to the recent pre-booked vegan meal I received as a “continental breakfast” on a long haul flight you operated," he wrote on travel agent Thomas Cook's Facebook page on August 14.

"It consisted of a box of raisins and a large tub of apple sauce accompanied by a carton of 'Alta Dena Half & Half', which contains milk in the small print. This is extremely alarming, as what would have happened if I had a Dairy allergy?

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"Do you think this is acceptable? How is it possible to put together a Vegan meal with a carton of milk in it?" he continued. "I welcome your response."

Credit: Ed Sisto / Facebook

Thomas Cook initially appeared to completely misunderstand Ed. "The apple sauce will no longer be served to avoid this happening again in the future," they replied to his online complaint.

Credit: Facebook

Fortunately, one Facebooker user was on hand to point out that "the complaint was about MILK, not apple sauce, being in a VEGAN meal."

The company did, however, issue a second apology, which read: "We are very sorry to Mr Sisto and are working with our catering partners to understand what happened on this occasion and to ensure it does not happen again."