Woman 'accidentally' spends $2165 on 2300 rolls of toilet paper

Woman 'accidentally' spends $2165 on 2300 rolls of toilet paper

If you're ever "caught short" on the toilet, I think I've found the perfect woman to call...

A family in Toowomba, Queensland, has been left overflowing with what has become a rather valuable commodity right now, after mom Haidee Janetzki "accidentally" ended up with an eye-watering 2300 rolls of toilet paper in their home.

The blunder came after Janetzki decided to alter her online subscription soon after Christmas. Speaking to news.com.au, Janetzki said: "I was previously getting recycled toilet paper delivered from the toilet paper company Who Gives A Crap every 12 weeks.

"But at Christmas time they were offering a Christmas gift wrapped paper variety which was also premium product.

“I went online, canceled my recycled paper and subscribed to the premium toilet paper instead, where it asked for quality, I typed 48 thinking I would get 48 rolls and instead I accidentally ended up with 48 boxes of 48 rolls."

Janetzki talks about her bum blunder in the video below:

Per 7News, the mom initially believed it was an error of the toilet paper company... that was until she checked her credit card statement, which showed an expense of $3260 AUD ($2165 USD) plus almost $400 AUD ($265 USD) postage.

"Usually the delivery driver leaves at the door, but you can’t do that with two pallets," Janetzki told news.com.au, adding: "We tried to get him to turn around and take it back on the spot, but because the company doesn’t a phone number only an email address, we couldn’t reach them.

"We thought it was hilarious apart from the shock of realizing it cost $3000."

Credit: Who Gives A Crap?

The stunned mom later calculated that it would take her family roughly 12 years to get through all the rolls, and so, Janetzki decided to turn her blunder into a fundraising opportunity.

The quick-thinking mom is now selling the rolls at a slight mark-up as a means of alleviating the costs for her and 40 other parents who are sending their children on a school trip to Canberra.

"We are charging $70 for a complete box. We’re not out money-grabbing, we’re just trying to recoup our costs and use the money we make as a little bit of a fundraiser," the mom said.

Janetzki's blunder comes after many Australian stores are seeing shortages of toilet paper as customers stockpile amid the coronavirus crisis. Per news.com.au, Woolworths, Coles, and Aldi have been forced to introduced limits on toilet paper sales, as shoppers are leaving the shelves bare. Each of the big outlets has confirmed that they are limiting sales to four packs per customer across the country.