Woman dubbed ‘world’s sexiest angler’ after reeling in huge fish

Woman dubbed ‘world’s sexiest angler’ after reeling in huge fish

A 24-year-old angler has garnered a huge social media following after sharing snaps of herself sailing around Florida's south coast and the Caribbean, in just her swimwear.

Under the moniker Capt. Emily Riemer, the 24-year-old shares pictures of her reeling in catches she claims weigh at least 100kg to Instagram, as she travels the seas with Kingsmen Fishing on Hooked For Life Charters.

In fact, her social media presence has earned her the title of "world's sexist angler", and she even claims that her enviable physique is all down to fishing.

And her captions are just as entertaining as her snaps. "The oh these are heavier than I thought face," she joked in one Instagram post where she's seen flexing her muscles, as she attempts to hold onto a fish. "Who needs the gym when you can just pull up on a weed line?!" she added.
Emily also regularly asks her followers to guess the size of her catch. "Over/under 50?" she wrote in one post, and in another, she claimed that some of the fish she hauls weigh a whopping 180kg.

In regards to her unconventional attire, Emily says she chooses bikinis because it makes it easier for her to do her work in the hot weather.

It's not all fun and games, however. Several years ago, Emily obtained a scar from a fish she was trying to reel in. She gave it the name "marlin kiss" to document the incident, which occurred with the bill of an unruly blue in Tobago. But she has no regrets, claiming that it's her "favourite" scar.

The angler learned her sailfish smarts in high school. Back in October of 2018, she won first place in the Bluewater Babes Fish For A Cure, and she also took home the Billfish Champion Boat and Billfish Champion Angler awards.

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Fishing is not Emily's only talent, however. When she's not off at sea, she plays the cello. "I played cello in Lincoln Center in HS & Carnegie Hall the year after but my all time favorite place to play is in a fighting chair on the back of a sporty serenading my city! [sic]" she captioned a shot of herself.

Looks like this girl can do it all!