Woman left with terrible infection after getting eyebrows microbladed

Woman left with terrible infection after getting eyebrows microbladed

An American woman was left with a horrific infection after her microblading treatment went wrong.

The woman, who has chosen to remain unidentified, appeared on the US television show, The Doctors, where specialists in health and wellness dissect trends, real-life issues, and dispense medical advice.

In this particular episode, presenter Dr. Travis Stork introduced the segment, but not before warning the audience that the ensuing images would be graphic.

eyebrows Credit: The Doctors / CBS

Stork explained that the woman in question wanted to share her experience as a way to warn others about the procedure. "I don’t blame her, that doesn’t look good. It looks painful," he agreed.

Microblading is a tattooing technique used to enhance and fill the eyebrows. It involves the use of a tool made of tiny needles to inject semi-permanent pigment into the skin. If done correctly, the treatment will leave you with natural, and fuller-looking brows.

But this clearly wasn't the case for this woman...

Watch the entire segment below:

Another doctor on the show mused over what could have caused the infection, suggesting that the instruments used during the procedure may not have been properly sterilised, or that the customer's skin wasn't clean.

"Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo that people are having where little, fine, feather-like nicks are made in the skin and then tattoo ink is applied, and it’s meant to fill in those gaps in your brows," she said. "Obviously this is not what anyone goes in wanting to get done. In this case I think what happened is she had two problems."

"One is that when you create nicks in the skin it’s a great doorway for bacteria, and if someone didn’t use sterile instruments or there was dirt in the environment, or her skin wasn’t cleaned properly, she could definitely have got an infection or bacteria in here. The second is that I think she, by very bad luck, is also allergic to the dye."

She then went onto explain that she always advises people to avoid cosmetic face tattoos if they're allergic to hair dye or any other tattoos that they may have had.

Credit: YouTube / CBS

She also stressed that it's imperative to have the procedure done in a licensed environment, with someone who has had the correct training and certifications.

While it's unclear whether the woman was able to get rid of the infection, and correct the microblading treatment, we wish her a speedy recovery!