Woman shares chemical burns after making 'stupid decision' to dye hair with $8 bleach

Woman shares chemical burns after making 'stupid decision' to dye hair with $8 bleach

Seeking out a professional to carry out any beauty or cosmetic work can be expensive. From hairdressers to nail artists to makeup artists - these professionals can charge a pretty penny for their services. This is why so many of us choose to turn to the much cheaper at-home options that many stores offer.

Sure, the result may not be completed to a professional standard, but at least we'll have saved a few bucks.  However, per news.com.au one Australian woman was left "crying in pain" after she made the "stupid decision" to bleach her own at at home.

But sometimes even the professionals can make bad calls. Just ask this woman who fainted on TV after a hairdresser cut 12-inches of hair off:

Sharing her story to Facebook, 20-year-old Annaliese Fox revealed how she was left with horrific chemical burns on Monday after applying $10.99 AUD ($7.50 US) hair bleach at home.

Speaking to news.com.au, she has been left with the prospect of needing skin grafts and losing areas of her hair for life.

Annaliese revealed that she "wrapped [her] bleached hair in cling wrap" after applying the product, and then went to the store to buy more dye, as she didn’t believe one box would be enough to sufficiently color her hair.

Warning: Some readers may find these images upsetting...

She wrote on her Facebook wall: "On Monday night this week I decided to make a stupid decision and bleach my hair myself and it was the biggest mistake of my life, I wrapped my bleached hair in cling wrap to go to coles to get more hair dye cause I only had 1 box and I had a lot of hair [...]

"[While] I was there my head started to burn and I know your head is meant to burn a little with bleach on it but it was like my head was on fire, I started freaking out and ran to the bathroom at the shops and I ripped the cling wrap off and my head literally had steam coming from it and it was so hot [...]

"I couldn’t get the hair tie out to try and wash the bleach out and the tap was so low I only managed to get some out. I rushed home as quick as I could and jumped under the shower and it was still burning after I had washed it out.

Fox continued:

"I ended up going to [Wyong] hospital that night and they said it was a superficial burn and gave me some cream and endone. They took some photos of my head and sent it to the Royal North Shore Hospital Severe Burn Unit [...]

"I got a call the next morning saying I had to come in which I went there today and they shaved the back of my hair where it was burnt and let me tell you it was not a superficial burn it was a severely deep 3rd degree burn and I might have to get skin grafts on the back of my head."

She added:

"Just wanted to warn people about bleaching your hair at home, I would not advise it and also I know it was a stupid decision so no need for bitches or laughing reacting because imagine if it happened to you and I know a lot of people bleach there hair at home. [...]

"I used Hi-Lite Powder Bleach from Priceline and 30% vol developer."

Annaliese will soon be meeting with Royal North Shore doctors to find out the extent of the damage, and if she will indeed need skin grafts.

Speaking to news.com.au, Ms Fox said she's trying to stay positives:

"It has been a bit hard, but I just figure hair grows back. (But) if it doesn’t grow back for me, because I might have to get a skin graft onto this burn, it is upsetting. But I can’t really do anything about it. I’m trying to stay positive."