Woman who injects herself to become 'black' now wants the largest breast implants in the world

Woman who injects herself to become 'black' now wants the largest breast implants in the world

Thanks to many advances in modern cosmetic surgery, people with enough money are now capable of changing their appearance completely. Some extreme body modification aficionados have pushed themselves to their absolute limits in an effort to stand out from the crowd.

One person who has embodied (pun unintended) this movement is the self-described 'transracialist' and fetish model Martina Big. Big is infamous for having gone through numerous had tanning injections to darken the pigment of her skin because she "identifies as black".

Not only that, but she's also had a large number of breast implants, and on a recent appearance on the British talk show This Morning, she opened up about her new quest: to obtain the largest breast implants in the world.

Watch Martina Big's This Morning interview below: 

Speaking to hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, Martina stated she wanted to win the world record for largest breasts with the help of 20-litre implants.

She stated: "The actual record holder has nine litres in each breast. But my implants, the biggest breast implants in the world are custom made and the weigh 20 litres each side."

She added that she was unconcerned about the potential strain the extra weight would place upon her back and spine, stating: "Step by step, I’m going to try. In the future, it will work for every day ... I’m going to go bigger, bigger and bigger!"

In an earlier interview with British tabloid newspaper The Sun, Big stated that she wanted to move to Africa with her husband in the near future, stating: "I not only look like an African woman, I also feel that I'm now an African woman. I spent time in Kenya last year and I felt so at home. Now I have a lot of invitations from all over Africa. I want to learn more about the black culture first, so that I can educate my future children."

Whatever your stance on the issue, it's clear that Martina is taking a lot of big risks. If you are considering any kind of body altering cosmetic surgery, then please consult your doctor before making a decision.