Woman with Down's Syndrome achieves lifelong dream of becoming a mail carrier

Woman with Down's Syndrome achieves lifelong dream of becoming a mail carrier

A woman who has Down's syndrome has achieved her childhood dream of serving as a mail carrier working for the United States Postal Service.

Grace Flannery, a 21-year-old who hails from Cincinnati in Ohio, was born with an extra chromosome when she was a baby. Throughout her life, she harboured a dream of becoming a postal worker, delivering packages and letters to other people in her community.

But despite those hopes, she withheld from applying to work there; fearing that her condition would impede her. However, now Grace's dream has now been granted by The Westwood Post Office, and she officially became a mail carrier for the day.

Speaking to Local 12 News, Grace told reporters that she intended to get the job by being friendly and confident, stating: "I'm gonna say my name and I'll shake their hands and I'll look them directly in the eye."

Grace took part in a four-hour-long shift with fellow mail carrier, Melissa Tilton, who is also disabled and wears a prosthetic arm, and the two women delivered mail for more than 30 people in their community. Commenting on the initiative, Tilton stated: "I love my job. I love my job to begin with, and then when I find out that someone else wants to do it, I'm like, 'Yeah, let's do it. This will be great.'"

Tilton was also happy to report to Yahoo! News that Grace absolutely nailed her first day as a postal service employee. "When I heard Grace wanted to come along, I said, ‘Of course!'" Tilton stated. "Grace’s attention to detail was spot-on - she did a great job matching the addresses on the letters to the correct homes. We need more carriers with her focus."

Grace has already had some experience as a delivery-woman, having worked a paper route in high school, and as an intern at a Children’s Hospital where she delivered packages to 32 different departments in five different buildings.

However, it's amazing that she managed to do the one thing that she wanted: hopefully, she can even up doing it full-time one day in the future!