Woman with L-cup breasts to donate flesh to cancer research

Woman with L-cup breasts to donate flesh to cancer research

A mom with naturally large L-cup breasts has revealed her intentions to get a breast reduction and donate the tissue to cancer patients, Kent Live reports.

Alice Whiskin, 26, set up a fundraiser for Cancer Research UK on Facebook and included a post urging people to donate. She also revealed in the post that she hoped to undergo a breast reduction procedure and donate the extra tissue to cancer patients.

Whiskin, a native of Dartford, England, told Kent Live that her cumbersome breasts prevented her from doing basic everyday tasks.

"I have wanted to do it for a long time, they have grown more in the last few months," Whiskin said. "They are the biggest they have ever been, I have backache, I can't walk around for long and I can't even tidy up. I am so limited to what I can do and it has been affecting my mental health."

Alice Whiskin Credit: Facebook / Alice Whiskin

The 26-year-old also wanted to use the opportunity to benefit "others who need" the excess breast tissue more.

So, taking to Facebook, Whiskin explained why having larger breasts was a "lovely gift" she wanted to share with breast cancer patients:

"Hi everyone! Im [raising] money for Cancer research UK and also more awareness. If you do not need something give it away... I have been given a lovely gift of having big boobs.. And that has hopefully given me the greatest opportunity to donate my breast tissue to cancer patients, I have been told for a good few years to share and by doing this is more than sharing, by having a boob deduction, generously donated tissue is one Of many options [sic]."

Alice Whiskin Credit: Facebook / Alice Whiskin

She continued:

"Just 1 tissue donor can help up to 10 patients reconstruction, life is not about what you have or what you look like, when i give my tissue away that's something in life I will be very very proud of, I do not need them."

"I really will appreciate the support from everyone on this selfless journey.. If I could get some money anything from £2 £1 it all helps I would be very grateful for you all donating. I am trying my upmost to make this happen Together we will beat cancer. [sic]"

It's such a shame that Alice's natural body has left her in pain, but she's certainly an amazing person for thinking of others and providing what she can. We wish her all the best!