Woman's head swells to incredible size after extreme allergic reaction to hair dye

Woman's head swells to incredible size after extreme allergic reaction to hair dye

When you browse the beauty aisle at the department store, you see a vast array of products, but how often do you check the ingredients? And how closely do you follow those directions in tiny font? It's tempting to just slop on that skin cream, make-up and hair dye, but allergic reactions are no joke. You might suffer a painful experience, or even lose your life.

In Paris, a 19-year-old English student named Estelle shared the horrifying result of an at-home hair dye kit. She purchased the product at a local supermarket in the Val-de-Marne neighborhood, and followed most of the instructions. (Yes, most.) Since she had allergic reactions in the past, she performed the patch test, not realizing it contained the chemical Paraphenylenediamin, aka PPD. Then, instead of waiting the recommended 48 hours, she only waited 30 minutes before applying the dye.

Women's head swells after hair dye Credit: Le Parisian

Estelle immediately noticed something was wrong, as her scalp began to tingle and feel irritated. After seeking advice from a pharmacist, she attempted to treat it with  antihistamines, and went to bead. The next morning, she discovered that the swelling had only gotten worse. Her head measured 25 inches (63 cm), much more than the average size of 22 inches (56 cm.) "I could not breathe, I had a light bulb head," Estelle told Le Parisien.

Woman whose head swelled to an incredible size after allergic reaction to hair dye Credit: Le Parisian

The young woman rushed to the hospital, where she was given a shot of adrenaline and kept overnight. Thankfully, she was able to make a complete recovery, although outlines of the severe swelling are still visible. She admits that she made a "mistake" by not strictly following the instructions on the packet. But who could have foreseen such a nightmarish scenario? "I almost died," Estelle told Le Parisian. "I do not want it to happen to others."

Woman's head swells after allergic reaction to hair dye Credit: Le Parisian

By sharing her story, Estelle hopes to warn others about the hazards of PPD. Many coloring products contain paraphenylenediamin, as it is necessary for dark shades of dye. However, the chemical is the main cause of allergic reactions, so its concentration is strictly limited. Following the directions on each packet is paramount. If you break you rules, you too may suffer the pain of a "light bulb head," or worse. Nobody wants to die over dye.

And PPD in hair dye isn't the only potential danger lurking in the beauty aisle. One 20-year-old woman temporarily lost sight after the salon used nail glue to apply lash extensions. Meanwhile, another 19-year-old woman used a fake Kylie Jenner 'lip kit,' which left her face disfigured and nearly killed her.

All patrons, especially young people, should be more wary of the instructions on beauty products. Or maybe manufacturers should put better warnings on the packaging. Whatever the solution, these are cautionary tales. It's tragic when people use beauty products to improve their mental health, but instead mar their natural beauty, inflicting pain.