Women as young as 27 are embracing their naturally grey hair

Women as young as 27 are embracing their naturally grey hair

Most people dislike getting older. Skin that was once supple starts to sag, and frown lines and wrinkles are etched across our faces. Worst of all is the damage to our hair, with many people starting to go grey prematurely. But it doesn't have to be the end in of the world.

More and more women these days are embracing a natural look by allowing their hair to go grey by itself. Using the hashtag: '#greyhairdontcare', women - some as young as 27 - are taking to Instagram to upload pics of their grey locks, to show that they're not ashamed and are all about their look.

Check out this video all about how you can embrace your grey hair the right way:

One person who is a big advocate for this pro-grey movement is blogger and neuroscientist Sara Eisenman. Sara first started to turn silver when in her early twenties and became obsessed with dying her hair a dark tone to preserve her youth. But now she's had a complete change of heart and loves her grey tresses, and isn't shy about showing them off on social media.

In a recent Instagram post, Sara stated: "My entire head of hair turned silver all at once when I was 21, during a very intense life-or-death initiation that entailed processing an enormous amount of childhood #trauma and toxicity, alone, all at once. 🕊 [sic]

"There was no overt physical illness involved but the pain of this spiritual initiation was so severe, the crucible so extreme, that my hair went from naturally almost black to completely silver overnight (revealed by purely silver roots all over my head).

"Unable to share this level of depth with the world at the time, and more than a bit afraid of what it all might mean, I hid my conspicuous tresses under mountains of dye til I was 37."

So there you have it. If you're starting to find grey hairs, then don't be sad. Instead, learn to love your body and the way it looks: ever follicle of it!