'World's tallest bodybuilder' makes Olympia contenders look like kids

'World's tallest bodybuilder' makes Olympia contenders look like kids

After last week's episode of Game of Thrones aired, many people were elated when Cleganebowl, the long-rumoured duel between the two Clegane brothers, finally happened. A lot of fans were hoping that Hafþór Björnsson would return to play 'The Mountain', seeing as how the gigantic bodybuilder seems like the biggest guy in the realm.

You can see more of the Dutch giant here: 

But as swole as Hafþór is, he's really nothing compared to Dutch giant Olivier Richters, who, at an incredible 7ft 2in, has been dubbed the 'world's tallest bodybuilder.'

In a recent interview with Yahoo, the strongman stated that he always stood out from his peers due to his stature and that even at the age of 14 was towering above his peers.

"I felt like Goofy: tall, slender, lanky, a bit like a walking skeleton," he stated. "Feeling like that made me quiet and introverted. I stuffed my face with everything I could find. In the beginning, I only gained fat. I didn't know anything about nutrition or what my body needed to grow."

"I went to the gym for the first time in my life and gained 20 kilos in two years. The third year I reached some sort of a plateau where I didn't gain anymore. Your body gets used to changes, so you have to shock it to be able to change something.

"I looked into the lifestyle of bodybuilders online and that helped me gain another 50 kilos in the five years that followed. I weigh 150 kilos right now. The weight is fine, but when I look in the mirror, I see a lot of things that still need improvement."

It takes a hell of a lot of eating for Richters to maintain his physique, and currently, he consumes around seven meals a day. That's a whopping total 6,400 calories, of which 450 grams are protein. Man: it's a shame we'll never get to see him join the cast of Game of Thrones!